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that not all parents wish to take part with working in partnership and some parents may react in a negative manner but by not putting any pressure on them it may result in them having a more positive attitude. Some carers may find it difficult to accept their child needs assessments to identify possible learning difficulties this can be helped with being sensitive and listening to any concerns the parent may have and offering lots of support and information and give plenty of time for discussions...

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Winning: Film Cool Running

Is winning everything? Winning isn't everything, because it is important to accept defeat. Especially in life, there will be times when you will lose in situations. It is important to accept the loss and move on. The main idea in competitive situation is to do your best and if you lose, dust yourself off and try again. This is idea is showcased through the film Cool Running’s and this is reinforced through a speech given by John Wooden, in which he talked about the difference between winning and...

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Effects of the Lgbt Community

and they do not accept my cousin Josh for being bisexual. His parents, and the rest of my family, pretend like he isn’t a part of the LGBT community. He has to constantly hide who he really is from his own parents. I am the only one in the family who has loved and accepted his decision. I believe that support is the best thing anyone involved in the LGBT community could ask for. People who are more religious cannot accept a major change in society such as this one. They do not accept people of the...

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Creative Writing Guidelines

students. Because we publish for a wide-ranging audience, we will not accept submissions that are pornographic or offensive, nor are we interested in specific occasional or devotional submissions. The pornographic, offensive, specific occasional or devotional nature of the submitted material will be determined at the discretion of the judges. Submission to this publication constitutes an agreement on behalf of the student to accept the judging panels' determination on this matter. Submitting authors...

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Healthy Relationships

relationships you must learn to accept and confirm others. When I first met Josh I wanted him to like me for me. I wanted to be accepted by him for the person that I am and I knew I wanted to accept him for the person he was. At first it was not easy because he had what I thought was a lot of flaws and he told me that I had a lot of animosity towards men that it was hard to accept me. However, after we both realized that our flaws were what made us who we are we were able to accept them in each other. Josh...

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Fe'Nix Del Sur Case

competitors are giving the industry a bad name. 3. Will the contract affect retailers? a. If we accept the contract we will lose our exclusive reputation to our current retailers, shifting our business definition to focusing on the replica market with ordinary customers as opposed to our main focus of authentic pieces and collectors. IV. Alternatives A. Accept Contract 1. Advantages a. There will be a potential to add $4 million in sales annually. b. Fe’nix...

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Tom brennan

understanding of The Story of Tom Brennan. The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C Burke is an honest novel, which follows a young man’s struggle to accept his past in order to move on. The car crash changed all the characters’ lives but taught them to become stronger and resilient people. This sometimes meant that they had to learn to forgive others and accept their past to move towards happiness. They were forced to confront their pasts in order to move on to their futures. Tom’s life is changed drastically...

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Environment and Identity

negative experiences. Our identity is never perfect; we must accept the good as well as the bad. We know our identity when we are happy with ourselves, not how people view us. Belonging relies on us forfeiting our individuality. Our identity is influenced by how others view us. Sometimes one’s sense of identity can cause more harm than good. Our belonging is not dependent on whether others accept us, but whether we accept ourselves. As long as we are confident with ourselves...

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Living between two cultures

easily you could get used to the new culture. It depends on how accepting you are and how different it is from your own culture. The more different it is the harder it is to get used to it. However the people from the other culture will also have to accept the fact that you are not as used to their culture as they might think. You might do something which is normal in your culture, but unpleasant in the other culture. For example, if you are invited to dinner and after you have eaten food, you belch...

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A Seperate Peace Chapter 11 Summary

Finny about his injury casually, whenever possible, to make him accept it. • Gene reads Finny Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Though Finny doesn’t believe in Caesar, he does finally admit the existence of World War II. He says that he had to accept the reality of the war when Gene told him that it had caused Leper to go crazy. If something can make a person go crazy, Finny says, it must be real. He adds that he did not completely accept Gene’s description of Leper at first but that it was confirmed when...

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