Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: December 7, 2013
Professor Julien
November 10, 2013
Marriage and Family Discussion
In today’s society, time has changed from people deciding whether they shall get married or start a relationship. One of the main concerns that make people choose not to get married is they are not financially stable. If it were that easy to find a job that pays well, then most people would be in a health relationship and have a stable job. I am in the perfect example of problems in starting a family in today’s society. I come from a family of five and am the elderlies of all. My parents are divorced and I must take the load of being the main bread maker. I never thought in a million years that I would be taking care of my mother and my fellow siblings. It is very surreal but I do understand that we all go through struggles in life to progress in a healthier relationship. It does stress me out because there are times when money doesn’t work out with the necessity of the family. I hope one day that I can start my own family one day but the instable income for the household. If a family member does not talk nor has a fight with another sibling, does this consider them not family? I do believe they are family they are just witnessing a slow setback with the relationship of the siblings. Some people would say that if they did something that made a bad reputation for the family’s name. I good example of setting a bad name for the family’s name would be cheating on a spouse. When President Clinton cheated on his wife Hillary Clinton and he was sleeping around with Monica Lewinsky. This put President Clinton in jeopardy of his relationship with his wife. This did give President Clinton a setback because he did have to go to trial and plea his case but his wife stood by him. This rarely happens in a celebrity life because the paparazzi would blow up small things into a big publicity. Although putting a president or celebrity as example they are the ones that make the most mistakes...
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