Changes in the Nuclear Family

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Today Changes of the Ideal Nuclear Family

Change has become the constant in families all over the world. For years, the “Ideal Nuclear Family” was portrayed as the perfect family. The ideal nuclear family consists of a mother, father, and three to four children all in one home. The perception of this “perfect” family has been depicted through sitcoms such as, the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, and many more over time. As of today, The “Ideal Nuclear Family” has changed and has a new look in our society.

The nuclear family has changed to single-parent homes. This family can either have a mother or father. Couples are getting divorced more now than ever. Many of these divorced couples have children, and the absence of either parent has changed the ideal family severely. For instance, in “Aunt Ida’s Piece of a Quilt” there was no father figure shown in the story. The story spoke on his Aunt and mother but never a male figure which is one of the main changes in the ideal family.

Gay and Lesbian families have also become a part of the world’s family of today. In today’s society you can watch movies and television shows with gay and lesbian families shown as ideal families that live somewhat similar to the ideal nuclear family. This change has become more common today due to gay and lesbian marriages in some states. Gay and lesbian families also adopt children and support them as their ideal family. Lesbian couples have been to clinics and have had procedures such as artificial insemination which is a procedure for not just lesbian women but women who chose not to make a child the traditional way.

There are still some families that still exist with both parents in the household. Even though the families may seem to be the ideal family, there are still some economical changes to this family. The ideal family perceives the male as the breadwinner and head of the household. The head of household and breadwinner role has changed now to a more equal or vice...

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