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A) Job Description/Job Duties
Civil engineer is one of the oldest career choice among the engineer area.It’s include building road, the bridge and neutral environment surround us etc.This career could improve people’s life qualities with creativity, which need to managing budgets, approving project drawings and reports, overseeing orders and delivery of equipment etc. The duties are to ensure finished the work on time and comfort for people’s daily lives. The reason why I would like to choose this career :

I'm pretty good at math and physics.In this area( civil engineering) , it’s need a strong study skills of the two subject I mentioned above.So I am pretty sure that I could handle that career for my future. It need creative thinking skills. When I was young, I would like to design things. I would like to use building block to build the house and I think that it’s pretty good. The last reason I choose that because I can earn a lot of money from that job.

B) Education and Training
The complete education path for civil engineer need to include the CAD (one of the drafting skill), complete the university for the education and a minimum bachelor's degree from an accredited program. .In high school, you need to complete the Gr12 Function, Gr12 Calculus, Gr12 English, Gr12 physics, Gr12 chemistry and another any Gr12 course. I would like to go to university of waterloo for university studying.The program might involved in are mixture of lectures and lab work, designing, math studying and physics studying etc to get an university degree. I need 5 years to finish my university studying ( include co-op times).The investment for university include the tuition for $28,900- $29,700 and Books, supplies for $4,300. Add to total I need to spend a minimum of $33200. C)Specialized Skills

To be an civil engineer I need these following skills:
Strong math skills
Innovative thinking- when you see a land you should image a good building plan, the material using and how to build. Dictatorship- you should be like a dictator that could help you more easily to get demand of your customer. I have a very strong skill in math that I got 90% for average at the end of the semester.At the same time,I’m like an dictator I usually doing things without communication and also I have a strong imaging skills. There are also some essential skills.

Problem Solving Skills: when you meet a problem. you are able to solve them very fast. Strong Physics skills: you need to know how did the force work in the buildings. Strong Math Skills: you need to collect a lot of data to calculate how to build the things. D)Earnings/Wages

the salary will be increasing with the year you work.Compare the wages to the other jobs, it’s a little bit higher than the normal average salary so I’m very satisfied with that.These earnings could support me for a very good lifestyle that I could pay the house rent pretty fast and at the same time I have some extra money for entertainment. E)Working Conditions/Work Environment

usually work regular business hours, but may need to work evenings and weekends or be called to work in offices and in the fields at locations such as construction sites. The work environment is independent.Sometimes work in the office, sometimes work on the construction sites and maybe worked in another country. F)Job Satisfaction/Job Stress

Job Satisfaction:
Not so many people would like to study civil engineer so I do not have so many”Competitor” in that area. The wages are a little bit higher than the normal average and that’s one of my interest to design things. Job stress:

It’s hard to manage time because not every time you could get an idea very fast, it might to be think about in a long time, but you need to finish your work on time. The different places for working.You may go to another country to work, but you don’t know the language there so that you need to learn the langue at the same time when you work. G)Related Jobs,Future...
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