The Engineer and His Education

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The Engineer and His Education

“The term civil engineering describes engineering work performed by civilians for non-military purposes. In general it describes the profession of designing and executing structural works for the general public and the communal environment. Civil engineering covers different areas of engineering, including the design and construction of large buildings, roads, bridges, canals, railway lines, airports, water-supply systems, dams, irrigation, harbour, docks, aqueducts, and tunnels.”

“The civil engineer needs a thorough knowledge of surveying, of the properties and mechanics of construction materials, of the mechanics of structures and soils, and of hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Today civil engineering includes the production and distribution of energy, the development of aircrafts and airports, the construction of chemical process plants and nuclear power stations, and water desalination.”

Brieger, N. & Pohl, A. Technical English Vocabulary and Grammar. Oxford: Summertown, 2002. p.44

Civil engineering’s scope is so broad and given with the definition above denotes a wide variety of functions of a civil engineer. The functions of an engineer are to design, to construct, to advise, to operate, to investigate, and to supervise. It is his responsibility to make a plan a reality. An engineer must develop ideas that will produce an effective design; he must know and implement right construction methods and manners; he must advise his employer as to the feasibility of the proposed project, the cost which will be entailed, and the results which will be accomplished; he must investigate conditions and provide solutions to meet the needs in case problems are observed; he must supervise and make sure that the work is done according to the plan; and he must see to it that the works which have been created from his plan and under his supervision will properly perform its intended purpose.

In order for an engineer to perform...
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