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Career Dossier

By oneydachavez May 02, 2013 286 Words
Rhetorical Analysis: Career Dossier
The audiences that will be viewing my job application is Sally Ann Macias and Jason Reinke, Principal and Vice Principal of Jackson Road Elementary school in Montgomery County. Jackson Road Elementary is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Mrs. Sally Ann Macias became the Principal of Jackson Road in the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year. Macias has worked with Montgomery county public schools for over fifteen years. She is encouraged to improve Jackson Road elementary school because it is her calling.

Mr. Jason Reinke, vice principal of Jackson Road elementary has been working in the county for about five years. He has been at Jackson Road for three years now. Reinke is determined to improve the education at Jackson Road, and works closely with principal Macias to improve the school. He is Mrs. Macias right hand man, and helps her make difficult decisions, such as hiring new teachers. Mrs. Macias and Mr. Reinke have great expectations on their teachers and are required by the county to complete many classroom reviews throughout the school year.

To fulfill the expectations of my audience I will provide a detailed resume with recommendations and other job experiences working with children. I will also share with them the reasons why I would like to work specifically in Jackson Road. Also I will share that I was an intern at Jackson Road in 2008 for the entire year and enjoyed working with the kindergarten team. Also I will explain to them what my goals consist of, and what I expect myself to accomplish with the children in Jackson Road. I will give 110% to the school and students to help improve the education in that school.

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