Report on South West Trains' Services

Topics: Parking, Parking lot, Public transport Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: January 17, 2013
This report is designed to identify which facilities at the South West Trains’ stations need improvement and how they can be made better for their customers. The report indicates that the quality of most facilities goes down during the Peakˡ time. With facilities/services, overall environment and car parking facility being affected the most bringing down the customer experience by 13%, 10% and 12% respectively in comparison to 2011. Training of the staff and constant monitoring of the services’/facilities’ maintenance along with the repairs/cleanliness of the station buildings/platform can help create a better customer experience at the stations. Similarly, for customer convenience, extra parking space needs to be reserved at peak hours for the South West Trains’ frequent travelers along with additional space for car park and other forms of transportation connected by a minivan/bus. Introduction

This report is based on the findings from the National Passengers Survey (Spring 2012) which took place between 28th January and 30th March 2012. The aim of the survey was to provide a network wide snapshot of the passengers’ satisfaction with train travel. Passengers of South West Trains were also a part of this survey and this analysis is based on the responses of those passengers only. The total sample size used was 2334 and all the questionnaires were checked to confirm that the details provided were for a real journey. Findings and Analysis

The National Passengers Survey (Spring 2012) took feedback from the customers/passengers at two different instances: 1. During the Peakˡ time when the stations were very busy due to high volume of footfall 2. At off-peak times (all other time bands other than Peakˡ hours). Off-peak time showed slight variance in customer satisfaction in comparison to last year. The satisfaction in-fact rose by 7% for car-parking facility as there was significantly less number of people present during those hours. The...
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