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Parking Situation at University of Tampa Parking Capacity of the University University of Tampa currently has two major garages, West Parking Garage and Thomas Parking Garage, for its students, staff and faculty members, admissions and visitors.(Campus Map, 2012) The majority of UT students and faculty members own vehicles and drive to campus. They are not very satisfied with the amount of time it takes to find a spot on campus, especially before class time.  The office of Graduate...

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Parking on Campus

Parking on Campus is a Pain New students entering Western Michigan University are allowed to have a car on campus. With every new freshmen class entering each year, parking poses a problem. WMU is already limited in its parking on campus and since freshmen are allowed to have cars, the students are faced with the dilemma of having nowhere to park or parking quite far from their destination. There are parking problems all over the campus, creating backups in residence hall and other lots, resulting...

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Parking Problem

usually serve their missions far better by not adding more parking, and by discouraging the use of cars on the campus. The overall deterioration of the college environment can largely be traced to the automobile. In a vicious cycle, dependence on driving and the availability of parking cause campus facilities to be dispersed beyond reasonable walking distances. As a result, the need for more roads and more parking continually escalates. Each parking space and associated access roads pave over about 300...

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unhappy with the parking on campus and in the Iowa City area. Many felt that the locations are inconvenient, spots are limited, and the cost is too much for what they are getting. Students in residence halls felt that they were at a loss for parking and the opportunities of being able to have a car on campus. Doing some research on specifically the cost and revenue of campus and Iowa City parking, I found that the majority of our money from parking meters, hawk lot permits, and parking violations are...

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Parking Issues

Guillermo Chacon Annie Liu English 60 5/7/2013 Parking Issues On an early morning, I woke up with a tired feeling; I had been studying all night in order to pass my final test of sociology because it would decide my grades between a C and a D. When I saw the morning was shinier than usual, I looked at the time and I noticed I had been late to class because my class started at 7 and I had been an almost half hour late to class. It was one of the busiest days of the semester because it was finals...

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Parking on Baylor's Campus

Parking On Campus Coming back to Baylor to start the 2013-2014 school year was somewhat surprising for some students. East Village was up and running, new roads were added, as well as some taken away, and the amount of green space added was quite significant. The only downside to all of this is that there are 200 less spots for students to park this year than last year, which seems to be a complaint throughout the student body. I personally do not see this decrease in spots as an issue. ...

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Intelligent Parking Bay Sensor System

Intelligent ParkingParking Guidance System Intelligent Parking is a parking guidance system with the main objective of timeously advising motorists of available parking in multiple parking zones and allowing them to make decisions on where to park long before they reach critical intersections. Intelligent Parking then effectively guides the motorist to these open bays with minimum effort in as short as possible time. Intelligent Parking also gives the client an effective tool to monitor and run...

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Parking Problems Report

Project November 15, 2012 Parking Problems TROY—Parking on Troy University campus has cause many students to complain. If you are a student at Troy, I’m sure that you have heard many of the complaints from other students, friends, and sometimes maybe teachers. Candice Vaughn, a senior sports and fitness management major from Huntsville, Ala., has a problem with the parking on Troy’s campus. As a student athlete she thinks it makes it even more difficult on her to find parking throughout the day. ...

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Downtown Parking Authority No Name

 Downtown Parking Authority Case Date: November 16, 14 This memo evaluates proposed land use options raised by Oakmont City officials. An assessment of the financial and non-financial implications suggests that building a parking garage with fees favoring short-term parking potentially yields the most desirable outcome. This investment produces the highest net present value (NPV) and helps solve a parking space shortage. Earnings generated by the garage should be...

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Campus Parking

Parking Availability Many freshmen students at the University of Oklahoma find it difficult to find parking spots available by the dorms. Although, there are many parking spots available all across campus, there are not many available for the freshmen who actually have to live in the dorms. Either students have to drive around hoping and praying for a parking spot to open or they have to find a parking spot that is completely far away from the dorms. This would not be a problem if students were...

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