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In this assignment topic I have selected ‘MYKI’ the public transport in Victoria, Australia, currently in operation on all Melbourne metropolitan train, tram and bus services, offering services in the area of Melbourne, Geelong, Moe, Ballarat, Bendigo and Seymour areas throughout Australia. Myki is currently using MIFARE DESfire technology for standard tickets, and MIFARE ultralight C for the short term tickets. Myki is currently replacing a number of ticket systems in victoria, primarily the metcard and v line ticketing systems. Here, in Australia public transportation system is one of the popular options people prefer to travel to different local and far fledge places. Travelling through a public transportation system is always cheap and comfortable option here in Australia. It is also popular because of a quick way to commute to the places because we do not have to wait in long queues at traffic lights which we face at every kilometre. So travelling through a public system is comfortable, cheap and saving of your precious time. In this essay I would like to demonstrate how Myki is making use of the information technology. I would try demonstrate also that in this era of information technology where every single person, weather he knows how to make use of information technology or not, is widely dependent on technology, and internet. We will try to explore the entire system in the following paragraphs. General overview of the company and description and its use in the related industry:

An overview what you intend to write about in the report:

The use of hardware and software for information management systems: myki is using various hardware gadgets like metcard gates, vending machines, GPS systems, flash drive sign in devices used for different drivers on trains, trams, coaches, and buses, cctv cameras installed in trains connected through well connected modems, hubs, bridges and routers etc. All these gadgets are properly connected to the...

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