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Topics: Indian reservation, Computer reservations system Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: January 22, 2014
This project aims at giving details of an Online Railway Reservation Utility which facilitates the Railway customers to manage their reservations online, and the Railway administrators to modify the backend databases in a User-Friendly manner.

The Customers are required to register on the server for getting access to the database and query result retrieval. Upon registration, each user has an account which is essentially the ‘view level’ for the customer. The account contains comprehensive information of the user entered during registration and permits the customer to get access to his past reservations, enquire about travel fare and availability of seats, make afresh reservations, update his account details, etc.

The Railway Administrator is the second party in the transactions. The administrator is required to login using a master password, once authenticated as an administrator, one has access and right of modification to all the information stored in the database at the server. This includes the account information of the customers, attributes and statistics of stations, description of the train stoppages and physical description of coaches, all the reservations that have been made, etc. The railway administrator has the right to modify any information stored at the server database.

Need for Computerized Online Railway Reservation
Indian Railways is the principal mode of transport in
the country. It is one of the world’s largest rail
networks under a single management. The route
length is around 63,332 km with more than 8000
stations . As it is the backbone of nation’s
transport system, IR owns more than 25,000 wagons,
45,000 different types of coaches and 8000
locomotives. The system carries about 5,000 million
passengers generating a traffic output of 340 billion
passenger kms
The seat/ berth reservation on trains is pretty complex
activity, not only because of the volumes involving
around lac seats/ berth...
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