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Topics: Hispanic, Hispanic and Latino Americans, California Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Darlene Mendoza
Stina Attebery
English 1A
My Remembered Event
It was toward mid-senior year in high school. Maybe February. I was anticipating which colleges would accept someone like me, and trying to enjoy as much time with friends as I could. I was with my best friends, appreciating a beautiful Southern California day, and had come to realize my last days as a senior were coming to a close. I was a perfect day; big white clouds covered the skies, along with the beaming sun hitting the earth. The oceans breeze in our faces, and our shades on. High-wasted shorts and crop tops were the main clothing we’d wear, and if it were cold we’d just layer a sweater over it. We were living the “Cali lifestyle” because I live in an area where most of the students at my high school were half Caucasian and half Asian. I live in an area where the beach is only ten minutes away. Seeing dolphins or whales from the cliffs is a regular sight to see. Going to big bear during the winter is normal, and so are trips to Hawaii. Fortunately I had the opportunity to meet the greatest friends and best friends I will ever have in my life. But there is a lot you still don’t know.

So, as I said it was the middle of my senior year. I was out with my best friends, Elana, her little sister Alyssa, and Nicole. We were all out, enjoying our day out, with the sun in our hair, the nice breeze flowing through our hair, and the loud hip hop music blasting some Taylor Swift track. We got to Elana’s house and decide to swim in her pool and relax on this nice day during the week. It was a very nostalgic day, despite what happens later that night. After the pool, we sit in Elana’s room and talk about life and the boys we are currently talking to. We then decide to watch a movie and order pizza. It was perfect. The atmosphere of being with my closest friends was the best feeling of my life. As we talked and giggled, danced, sang and watched movies together we just lived life just cause we...
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