Theology Worldview Paper

Topics: Good and evil, Third World, Death Pages: 5 (2141 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Priya Patel
Theological Foundations
Finucane, Father Smith
Long Final Paper on Worldview
The way I see the world is different from other people’s worldview, because we all have our own personal experiences that have shaped us into the person we are today. The world contains both good and bad. I believe that the world is overall a good place and that we are meant to make this world a better place for each other to live in. Life is a wonderful thing, because with life, we have the chance to fulfill our role in changing the world. On the other hand, death and evil is something that I have had trouble making sense of. Luckily, I have been really blessed during my early childhood, because when I was younger, the only time I have seen evil or bad was in the news. The world has always seemed like a huge, scary place to me and that only with protection from evil, I could be successful. However, events during high school have changed my worldview, and I understand that evil is not something that can always be avoided and that goodness can come from terrible events.

It was the summer before my sophomore year in high school. Break was ending, and schools were opening soon. We just moved from a small town called Sikeston to Saint Charles, Missouri due to my dad’s new job. I have lived in Sikeston my whole life, and I did not fully understand why we all suddenly had to move. I was slowly starting to adjust to my new life in Saint Charles and my new school when twelve days after I moved, I received a call informing that one of my closest friends passed away. The whole conversation felt surreal, but I still remember that day, August 21st. I saw my friend Aubrey two weeks before he passed away, the happiest, sweetest kid I knew. I did not understand why that was the last time I would ever see him again. I did not understand exactly what happened. I did not understand why Aubrey out of all people had a tumor in his ear. That was the first time that someone close to me had passed away. I was in a new city, miles away from my childhood friends, in a new high school, and I had no idea how to deal with Aubrey’s death. The transition to my new high school got even harder. Everything started to slowly go downhill. My grades reflected the lack of work I put into them. I did not try to make any friends, because I did not want to get to know anyone else. It was a selfish time in my life. Most people would pray for Aubrey’s family or do something so that the memory of Aubrey would live on. However, every day for a couple of months I would drive home from school, only to feel like I was still missing something. I felt so bad for myself and stopped being myself. I was living in denial, as if I was waiting for Aubrey to come back.

After Aubrey died, I spent a lot of time by myself, and I realize now how that was the wrong thing to do. After a few months, I found myself getting closer to my older sister, Sonam, and her friend Denise. Denise is a very interesting person to me, because she was born Indian and Catholic. I love learning about different cultures and religions, and I have never met an Indian Catholic person before. I found myself learning a lot from Denise. My sister and I started to attend Denise’s small group and bible study. Everyone was so welcoming and open. After that, I started to attend the mandir or Hindu temple in Saint Louis. Sometimes I would text during the service or guest speaker presentation; however, I then began to started to pay attention to the meaning of all the stories we heard about. I started to recognize that the Christian stories and Hindu services were quite similar or at least had similar meanings of forgiveness and faith. I know there is right and wrong, but I never before understood why bad things naturally happen. I have never been faced with any horrible event, so I believe that is why I had trouble handling the death of my dear friend. However, that is not an excuse for missing goodness in my...
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