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  • Hispanic Culture

    The United States is the country of immigrants with different believes‚ values and traditions. Hispanic culture is one of the largest national‚ ethnic groups living in America. According to US census bureau‚ in 2011 Hispanic people take approximately17.2% of the population of America and by the year of 2050 the Hispanic people will be reaching 30% of all the people living in America (CDC‚ 2013). Knowing that‚ healthcare workers should be knowledgeable and competent of different traditions‚ believes

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  • Hispanic Summative Assignment

    Behind The Story of how the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Hispanic American Literature Summative Assessment Savannah Blakely April 27th 2015 English III Honors Abstract Julia Alvarez wrote an amazing and spectacular novel‚ with the name of “Howthe Garcia Girls Lost their Accents.” This paper will take you through a summary of the novel‚ and how the story begins‚ and ends. It will surely answer any questions you have after reading the book. By the three articles to help back up different information

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  • Life of a Hispanic

    Mendoza-Tello English 440 Life of a Hispanic Mrs. Crook Mar. 22‚ 1010 Life of a Hispanic‚ is about my life as a Hispanic in California. First I will talk about my feelings about being hispanic and why I feel so proud of being from Mexican culture. Second‚I will describe my family and talk about my role in the house‚and how is it living with a hispanic family. Third‚ I will talk about my religion which is Catholic and my believes‚ and also why the majority of Hispanics are Catholics. And lastly I will

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  • Hispanic Culture

    Eemah Pizza Mrs. Katherine Miracle Introduction to Public Speaking 18 February 2013 Outline for Speech The Hispanic Culture influencing The American Culture Specific Purpose: I want my audience to have a better knowledge of The Hispanic Culture; how it differs from The American Culture and influences it as well. Thesis: While Hispanics may not seem important to society‚ Americans should learn about their culture. Introduction Attention Getting Device: * "Strangers in a new culture

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  • Hispanic in America

    Hispanics in America America nowadays is knows as cultural diversity country and considered a home for many different cultures and races. The Hispanic term is not either a race or ethnicity‚ but is considered an American term use in USA to defined people who speak Spanish or their ancestors spoke Spanish at one point in their life. According to “U.S. Census 2000 State & County Statistical QuickFacts” “Hispanics or Latinos are those people who classified themselves in one of the specific Spanish

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  • Hispanic Perceptions of the Hiring Decision

    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/0142-5455.htm Diversity in the workplace Hispanic perceptions of the hiring decision Spero C. Peppas Stetson School of Business and Economics‚ Mercer University‚ Atlanta‚ Georgia‚ USA Abstract Purpose – Given the growing importance of the Hispanic population in the USA‚ the increasing presence of this minority at all organizational levels‚ and the possibility that different subcultures would value

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  • Hispanics and Educational attainment

    in progress-- As of 2011‚ Hispanics make up 52.0 million of the US population making them the largest minority group in the United States. From the year 2000 to 2011 alone‚ there has been a 37% increase in population. The projection for the year 2050 is 132.8 million (Nora‚ 2009). Although immigration has been blamed for this rapid increase‚ it is believed that the continuing increase is due to high birth rates among the 2nd and 3rd generations. In the US‚ the Hispanic population is primarily composed

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    Running head: CULTURAL COMPETENCE AND TREATMENT OF THE HISPANIC POPULATION Cultural Competence and Treatment of the Hispanic Population Monique D Brown Wellons Walden University Cultural Competence and Treatment of the Hispanic Population In the peer review article “A clinical trial of peer-based culturally responsive person-centered care for psychosis for African Americans and Latinos” by Tondora‚ et al (2010)‚ conducted a test study on African

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  • Hispanic Cultural Assessment

    Hispanic Cultural Assessment Anitra Wilson Nursing 542 May 31‚ 2015 Professor Sandra Brown Hispanic Culture  The Hispanic/Latino culture is a culture that traces their roots to Spain‚ Mexico‚ and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America‚ South America and the Caribbean. The Latino culture within the United States is growing rapidly.  Census 17% of Louisiana’s population is Hispanic.  2.5% of the population in Winn Parish is Hispanic.  As of April 1‚ 2010: 50.5 million Hispanics‚ 16

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  • Stereotypes: Bilingual Education for Hispanic Students

    Education for Hispanic Students Bilingual education has been looked down on for various reasons. Most of the beliefs behind the reasons are due to misconceptions about bilingual education students. While bilingual education can be for any student who’s primary language is not English‚ those of Hispanic descent are the largest majority. Possibly due to this fact‚ they are looked down upon and are seen in a negative light. Opponents of bilingual education believe that Hispanics come into the

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