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Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 16, 2013
There Is No Relationship Without Trust
I believe trust is the foundation to any relationship.
Growing up there as has always been the question on what makes a good relationship. The one thing that always gets mentioned is trust. Many people have walked in and out of my life along with there has been many I have distanced myself from and some I have came to truly respect. Majority of the time I have distanced myself for the simple fact of I can’t trust them. The closet ones have been the ones to turn their back and break my trust.

I started to realize the importance of trust when I was very young. Going up and having my dad make me a promise after promise and then not following through with it has always been hard to deal with. After having so many promises broken I knew I couldn’t trust in my dad’s word. I love him dearly but our relationship as father and daughter is not one I always take seriously. When he tells me he is going to do something my response is “okay.” Its not just because of my dad of why I believe trust is so important. Everyone has had a friend and/or a best friend they are no longer friends with. I am the same as everyone else. 6 years of a strong friendship thrown away because of the trust that was broken. All the laughs, memories, the long phone calls about boys , wearing matching outfits and having sleepovers is all gone. I shared everything with her and told her everything that was going on in my life. I missed a week of school because I was in the hospital. I told her why I was there and like any best friend she was there by my side. I told her make sure nobody finds out why I’m here I don’t want people knowing my business her response was “don’t worry you can trust me girl” so I did. It was my first week I was back in school since being in the hospital. My best friend at the time who was so much more than just my best friend she was like my sister, the one who I can run to and talk to about anything. She was my other half where...
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