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The Key to a Perfect Relationship

By simonellid Sep 29, 2014 950 Words

Is Your Relationship Healthy?

In a relationship, couples should be able to talk to each other without keeping secrets. They should also trust one another with anything they do, if they give you a reason not to, then the situation is a little bit different. There are three key components to having a happy and healthy relationship and those are communication, trust, and respect.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship along with a few other things. Text messaging is now the most popular thing with teenagers and even some adults these days. With the communication being electronic, there are definitely going to be problems with the relationship. Couples need a lot of face-to-face talking to be able to get used to talking with each other. Actually, this is one of the main reasons that relationships end. In high school, there was this couple that would text each other across the table. There wasn’t any verbal talking involved. It was awkward to know that they were dating, but wouldn’t talk to each other face-to-face. Eventually the times got rough for them and they had some issues. With people communicating verbally and through message, it’s very different. You could be completely normal and easy going behind the phone, but if they met you in person they could possibly find out how the real you is. Another important factor about communication is talking about things that make you upset or problems that your boyfriend/girlfriend might have caused. Let’s say that someones boyfriend said something that made you upset. He then continued to ask you what was upsetting you and you wouldn’t tell him. It’s better to talk about what’s on your mind than not talking about it and it happening again. Couples have to be open with each other about things, you can’t keep them bottled up inside. With that being said, another key to a healthy relationship is trust.

If your relationship doesn’t trust, do you really have a relationship at all? Trust is a very important factor in a relationship. Trust to me is when i can do something without someone checking up on me or being able to depend on someone. In a relationship, you wouldn’t want your significant other to do something that you wouldn’t want them to do to you. The only time it’s okay to not trust someone fully, is when you know that they’ve already done something to you. Having someone that trusts you is an amazing feeling. When your girlfriend/boyfriend constantly asks you what you’re doing, or who you’re with, or even where you’re at, it gets a little bit annoying. Let’s say you have a boyfriend that you’ve been together with almost 3 years now. It’s been a while and you’ve become boring to him. Your boyfriend decided one night that he is going to go out on a “business date” with another girl. The trust here is letting him go, but only for the sole reason that it’s a business date. After the date, they decided to go to her apartment and they end up having sex together. You find out about it and you’re heart broken, but you love him enough to stay. With the risk of giving him another chance, you risk the same situation to happen again. I know if I was in that situation, I would have trust issues. There are many people that have trust issues outside of a relationship. If you’re getting to know someone so that you could potentially be in a relationship and you hear things about them that aren’t good, would you trust them? In today’s society, you can’t trust anyone until you actually take the time to get to know them. During that time, you should get a full view of who they really are and then decide if the relationship could work. Although trust is very imperative, respect is very imperative as well.

Respect is something everyone in life wants, most importantly in a relationship. What is respect? Respect is an unassuming resounding force, the stuff that equity and justice are made of. It’s consideration of feelings, listening to people, and giving them your full undivided attention. It’s the first positive step in building a relationship. Relationships between a boy and girl are different than a relationship you can have with your friend or even a boss. In a respective relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend you wouldn’t go in their bedroom and absolutely destroy everything. You wouldn’t go throw clothes everywhere and take everything off of their dresser and throw it all over the floor. As for a boss, you wouldn’t just go in his/her office and throw every paper they have in the air and run. If you don’t treat someone with respect, they won’t do the same for you. Respect isn’t something that just doesn’t come overnight, you have to earn it. There is respect in the communication between a couple. When you’re fighting, the respectful thing would be to tell your partner why you’re mad. As I reiterate, you don’t want to keep anything from your significant other. Couples should talk about their problems and make them better to cope with.

Relationships are complicated, and not every relationship is healthy. Not every relationship is going to be easy sailing, but it’s imperative that you’re patient with each other. As long as you go through everything together and the love is strong enough, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from a perfect relationship. If you can’t communicate in a relationship, have trust for one another, or have the respect you need in a relationship, do you really have a healthy relationship?

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