Topics: Tartuffe, Trust, English-language films Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Temkai Clark
Play Response (Tartuffe)
The Greatest Victim of Deception is the Deceiver
I had the chance to go Tartuffe a few Saturdays ago, (March23), and it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. The plot begins with a clear division in the household and Tartuffe is the divider. He is a Guest who preys on Orgon’s(Head of Household) and Orgon’s Mother ‘s hospitality, with the purpose of seducing Elmire (Orgon’s Wife) and spoiling Valere (Orgon’s would be Son-in-law) and Mariane’s (Orgon’s Daughter) engagement. Orgon has become blind to his guest’s faults and fails to see Tartuffe’s true designs, which cause the rest of the family and help from others in the household to trap Tartuffe in his own web of deception. Finally Orgon agrees to hide himself and overhear a private conversation between Elmire and Tartuffe, to prove Tartuffe’s innocence, but he hears, to his surprise, Tartuffe advancing on his wife and now with his own testimony of the deception he throws Tartuffe from his house, Tartuffe leaves only to return to claim all his possessions that Orgon signed over to him. However, he instead is arrested by word of the King, who heard the travesty, and could not allow such deception to go unpunished.

The center of the play revolves around the character Tartuffe, and rightfully so, he is very quick and has a great ability to read and connect to people which allows him to become so close to Orgon and gain his trust. His deception is also a key quality that goes without saying. Trust and deception lead the two great themes that stood out to me in this play. There is a powerful relationship between trust and deception, one that should lead us to ask ourselves questions like How trusting should we be? Do we use the trust in others to help others or for our own gain?

There is no doubt in my mind, that trust is a good thing, I honestly believe that trust has and always will produce more good than evil. However, trust is also a key ingredient in...
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