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Definition Essay
When someone hears the word companion, his or her first thought is a friend or a significant other. The formal definition of a companion, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is someone that accompanies another or someone that is closely connected with something similar. Companion is derived from the Middle English word compainoun, which means mate. A mutual attraction, interaction, and love are influences that cause two people to become companions.

First, there has to be a mutual attraction for two people to become companions. A mutual attraction is essential, and without one a companionship will be difficult to develop. If two people are not attracted to each other, they are likely not going to spend time together. If perhaps they do, awkwardness can take place ultimately leading to separation .For example, a woman is set up on blind date, but when she finally meets her date she finds him unattractive and not her type. During the date awkwardness sets in because the woman has absolutely no interest in getting to know the guy. After the date is over, the woman leaves and has no intentions on seeing the guy again. That’s why a mutual attraction is the milestone for two people progressing into companions.

Secondly, interaction is another important factor for forming companionships. Interaction can lead to trust. Trust means that someone places confidence in another person to be honest, faithful, and keep promises. When someone trusts another person he or she would likely want to be around that person. Bonds are formed through interaction, and soon he or she may feel a personal attachment. Interaction does not involve one person doing all the talking, but involves both companions contributing his or her fair share in the dialogue. Interaction is an integral part of building trust and sustaining a companionship. Dishonesty, trying to hide things, or lying would lead to doubt and second questioning.

Lastly, love is a...
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