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Topics: Learning, Skill, Education Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Analyse the boundaries that you would maintain as a teacher and evaluate these responsibilities with other professionals.

Boundaries can be defined as an individual’s limit in competence and expertise, i.e. skill and knowledge. In every professional, it is necessary that boundaries are set in order to divide the line that indicates the farthest limits. Boundaries of a teacher are always changing; traditionally teachers were seen to pass on knowledge to passive, uninvolved students, a more didactic method of teaching. Modern teaching is much more about helping the student to develop the skills they need to learn for themselves. I will recognise the professional boundaries that govern a teacher's behaviour in order to comply with their code of conduct; the role of a teacher is multi faceted. It requires the teacher to be able in terms of teaching their given subject, but they also have to be competent in many of the softer skills often taken for granted by outsiders ‘looking in’. The ability to share knowledge, conduct research on a subject and understand individual learning styles is coupled with the ability to be a good listener, be approachable, be able to constantly assess and be able to demonstrate new materials are just a few. In addition to knowing your subject and having a good ability to use the softer skills to get the best from learners, there must also be an ability to recognise boundaries that must not be crossed. 

* Maintaining professional relationships

Teaching can and should be about not taking shortcuts to ensure full understanding, not allowing cheating whilst setting realistic targets. It is about being aware on learning abilities and importantly teaching good NOT bad practice. However, teachers should not be drawn into over familiarity for instance offering lifts to learners, or lending money. * Taking care with communication methods (and increasingly social media use) Teachers should also avoid becoming involved with social...
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