Pseudoscience, Against

Topics: Belief, Science, Truth Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: March 15, 2013
a)Pseudoscience is impossible to falsify, because it is based on very little or no fact; thus it is unreasonable to believe in as their opinion has not been calculated using any facts nor reason. A conscience decision is made based on what surrounding people believe so not to be the odd one out. Conversely, one with reason would choose only to believe in things with the most proven facts available –basing their opinion or belief in the most scientifically and logically proven variable; thus rendering people with reason not susceptible to pseudoscience as there is no evidence or ways to prove that it is something that they should believe. This market for pseudoscience creates a market for unreason as pseudoscience in itself is unreasonable, ultimately making the people within the market of pseudoscience unreasonable creating a ‘climate of unreason’. b)Regardless of how trivial the issue or product may be, in the broader spectrum of things it makes people more susceptible to ideas of pseudoscience, like a chain effect. The more people believing it, the more people will follow as humans naturally follow trends so not to fall out of normality – just like anything, people adapt to the culture and beliefs of their surroundings, something extremely hard to brake. Furthermore, if a person believes in one concept of pseudoscience, they are far more likely to believe in another; their unreason would even go as far as segueing into other parts of the person’s life, making them incapable or too lazy to determine the most reasonable and proven facts before making an important, or even trivial decision. Conclusively, a ‘climate of unreason’ is a very dangerous concept; in order for society to eliminate false beliefs and continue to discover the vast wonders of science and even just making important decisions in our daily lives affecting our finance, well-being and health, pseudoscience is taking all those who believe in it a step back and hindering them from contributing to...
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