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Topics: Advertising, Satire, Marketing Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The article from the onion uses a satirical tone throughout the piece to exemplify the gullibility of the public and consumers. The false diction throughout the piece helps propose the idea of careless self-absorption that the public has. Do MagnaSoles replenish and rejuvenate parts never thought able to heal? Well, more than likely, not. This article from The Onion mocks and satirizes the ways of advertisements by using irony, satire, sarcasm, and polysyllabic diction to imply the businesses way of bringing people or customers in willingly, to believe the well marketed product is flawless even though it might be completely ineffective.

This passage satirizes the customers willingness to believe the marketed goods work when they are advertised so. The product most likely will never live to the full potential of the actual ad. An unintelligent customer, Helen Kuhn twisted her ankle and decided MagnaSoles would be the best for her. After “only” Seven weeks she felt a “decrease in pain” and felt like she “can now walk comfortably.” This is a dramatic irony when any other ankle twisted would heal after seven weeks. Kuhn still suggests the soles are the healers. Another man involved in a situation like unto this, Geoff DeAngelis who trusts MagnaSoles because he can pay “$20 for insoles cleared indorsed by an intelligent-looking man in a white lab coat.” This reflects on how a man could be anything, they could be a pre-school teacher dressed in a lab coat and DeAngelis would trust anything he says to be true about back pain, These two examples show the willingness of people to buy things by the “look” of the product of person or product. The tone of the piece helps consumers buy the product. “According to scientific-sounding literature…” The scientific “sounding” evidence is no evidence at all. The writer uses it as they use “pseudoscience” to convey the tone of the piece. After reading “science” so many times, it might sound as though they are a professional...
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