Celine NATS1775 Bad Science Book Report

Topics: Influenza, Ben Goldacre, Vaccine Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Celine Da Ponte (213766266)
NATS 1775B
I have finished reading the novel Bad Science written by Ben Goldacre, and I thought that the novel was absolutely brilliant. It is a nonfiction work of popular science, and if people were to read the novel with an open mind they would realize that this novel has the potential to change their perspective of the world for the better. Within the novel, four ideas were brought up that particularly had interested me. The detox phenomenon, placebo explanations, vaccine scares, and the social influences put upon consumers. These all interested me and with some of these ideas I learned countless new concepts. The first idea that captured my attention was the detox phenomenon. The detox phenomenon has to do with the innovations of marketers, lifestyle gurus, and therapists. I never have heard of this concept until reading this novel, and discovered that the detox system is not in the medical textbook. If it is not science, what is it? Is the title of this section and as you read this section you see that the detox system is a marketing invention. I find this necessary to talk about because many individuals are worried about the negative effects that fast food can leave in your body therefore they go through this detox system. Marketers are putting this detox system idea on the media so that viewers will begin to wonder all about it and want to try it. Everywhere I go, I see these detox ideas on television, iPhone apps, internet pop up ads, etc. They are literally put out everywhere for everyone to see, it is unavoidable in our current state of society. The detox system has become a cultural product because it has no scientific meaning so that is how it is understood. The more you buy into this product, the more self-dramatizing it’ll be which is sad because at that point it has become your routine to partake in these unrealistic master cleanse fruit flush diets that models and celebrities do. I agree with Goldacre that there is...
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