Proprietary vs Contract Security

Topics: Security guard, Security, Private investigator Pages: 4 (897 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Proprietary versus Contract Security
Tracy R. Williams
September 18, 2012
Mr. Ted Zalewski

Many types of security are in existents today, site or mobile patrol; loss prevention functions; special events security; in-house security functions and private investigations are some of the tasks. Choosing the right one for the needs of any establishment should be one of the ultimate goals of the business. This paper will focus on proprietary and contract security in particular. A comparison of the two types of security will be addressed. Identifying some of the issues in either type of security is of great importance as well as understanding the various roles of security personnel. After briefly recognizing some of the advantages and disadvantages of proprietary versus contract security, a recommendation will be rendered on which type should be utilized for the international automobile manufacturer that I have been assigned as the security manager.

Proprietary security is controlled entirely by a particular company and is responsible for the hiring, firing and management of personnel. Contract security is operated by a professional security company and contracts its services to different companies. The status of proprietary security is considered higher than contract security, attracting a higher quality of security personnel and a greater expense in wages. The cost for contract security is becoming more prevalent because of the increased price tag or liability for companies. Although this is not true for all companies; many directors of security fear that switching to a contract provider will mean they are of decreased value to their company (Allied Barton, 2009). In contrast, security directors that outsource their security program often find they no longer spend long day to day hours managing security officers. Instead, they are able to offer their skills in more prominent and visible areas of security and...

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