Security Services Administration and Management

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Security Services Administration and Management
The historical development of private security in the United States has changed drastically over the centuries. The need for private security has grown as well. There are many gaps and areas for intrusion within the current public law enforcement system, almost mandating the necessity for private security. As the need and expectations for the private security grows, so will the qualifications for these positions. Understanding the history of the industry development creates a way to learn from the past, and make necessary changes for the future. Private security is the backbone of the American culture, and will continually evolve to prevent and protect society from any type of potential harm. In past times, the private security industry was utilized as a means of backup to public law enforcement in resourcefulness and manpower. History dating back to the 1800’s shows that the police departments were few and far between and found to be commonly corrupt which created the necessity for private security. The people of these times had to utilize vigilante justice to enact some type of law enforcement. There was a need and a demand for private security. It was not until 1851 that the first national private security and investigation service was established by Allen Pinkerton (Ortmeier, 2012). After this, many individuals implemented other forms of security. For example, in 1853 August Pope had the first burglar alarm patented, and in 1858, Edwin Holmes produced the first central station burglar alarm (Ortmeier, 2012). Also, in 1958, Washington Brinks designed the first armored carriage for safe transportation of valuables.

In 1899 SWAT was formed under the private sector classification. In 1909, William Burns created an international detective agency (Ortmeier, 2012). Essentially these private agencies have been around as long as the public agencies in the United States. In today’s society, these private security...

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