online boutique management system

Topics: Customer service, Shopping, Retailing Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Online boutique management system
This is a an e-commerce online shopping web application which helps one to do the major part of online activities by using this site and can be managed by online, You (or the Customer) can do the all major transaction in a secured way. In present trend most of the management work is done through online applications. Using online applications can reduce man power and computerize entire process. The rapid growth of the digital economy has also opened new opportunities for doing business online. This new economy provides a platform over which people and organizations develop strategies, interact, communicate, collaborate, and search for information. The e-commerce became one of the key factors in the international development growth. There are several models of e-commerce for all the types of transactions. The application that will be development is based on the Business to Customer model where the customers can buy online products. Problem statement

To view online shopping as a way to save time, manage products and a convenient way to buy products Aim
Main objective of this project is to develop cloth inventory system for show rooms and for maintaining products details, billing details and customer details using a computerizes process. Objectives

To provide and analyze the e-payment and techniques for the e-commerce sites. To analyze the customer relationship management on the web-site applications. Create the e-boutiques
The proposed online application is designed to manage boutiques where admin can add products list, update, delete and modify records and take database back up. Justification
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