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Support children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. 1.1 School are required to provide additional resources and equipment or additional support to meet children and young people’s needs. Also to be responsible for children with special educational needs. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 confirm that it is against the law for educational providers to discriminate against pupils with a special educational need or a disability.

1.2 The assessment and intervention framework is described as a pre-assessment checklist for children and young people to see if they would benefit from a common assessment; this is for young people aged 0-5. Each child has different needs, there are ways in we use to assess the child which are: 1. See the child 2. Talk to the child and Parents 3. Listen to the child and parents. Once the assessment has been completed then parents, carers and family need to look at different ways for the child to learn. All children need help with work especially children and young people with special educational needs.

1.3 The early recognition for disabled children and young people is important so that they can be helped with their work even may be eligible for 1 to 1 support. Those that are disabled may need more help so the child would not be held back in there classes when going into school if not identified early may causes problems in reading and writing.

1.4 Using an IEP will help the child get the right support they need from their key worker and parents. Before the IEP can be put together information is gathered on what is important to the child and what they like to do as well as what support is needed. Individual Plans are reviewed with the child or young person at regular intervals to see if they is any significant change in his or her circumstances this will help in proceeding with the development of the child or young person so that they can reach their needs and short term goals and leading up to their long term goals. All children have the right to a balanced curriculum.

1.5 We need to first talk to the parents as we need to know how the child is doing at home and what kind of support they are getting at home and see if they are part of an Early Support Pilot Programme and to ask the parents to describe a typical day in their child's life. For example what they like to eat? What they like to play with? Physical access requirements etc. It is important to look at the needs of the individual child, we then need to observe the child, and use what we see and hear to help us to understand how the child is developing and the experiences we can offer that will help the child’s development. Making this as inclusive as possible.

2.6 The relationship between disability and special educational need is that a child with special educational needs will learn from other children of the same age they may need extra or different kind of help that is given to the other children, a disabled child or young person may have physical or mental impairment that may have a long- term effect on the child’s ability to carry out normal day-to- day activities. All so special needs could be gifted and talented children who can excel at something other than there work for example sports they could excel in sports or arts but struggle in other areas.

2.7 We need to try and set goals that are done with parents as well as the colleague that works within the settings and look at their strengths as well as their needs providing activities that will support those strengths and try to avoid focusing on the child’s disability sometimes a child with disabilities will sometimes hesitant to interact with other children so I think it would be better for the child if they have a play mate then start to introduce other children to their activity.

2.8 The special provision required is at least 2 disabled parking spaces are available and they should be ramps around the front of the school to lead to the playground. The corridors are wide and free from obstruction and all exterior doors are accessible and doorways are wide enough to allow wheelchair access. They should be disabled toilets in the building and fire alarms should include flashing lights for those with hearing impairment and signage around school with pictures and text for young people and workers who have difficulty accessing print.

3.9 Obtaining information on a child who is disabled and have special educational needs from their parents or guardians from the child or young person or by collecting information from a colleague that works within the settings. You can all so obtain information from an external support agency or you will be able to look at the individual plans.

3.10 We would make shore that there is nothing that will prevent a child or a young person accessing or participating in everything that the other children in their classroom would be using or doing. Barriers and challenges provide a good basis for planning to further disabled and children with special educational needs participation. No child should be treated any different they should be helped to excel in what they are good at and be able to move forward in that and other work. Circle time with a small group of children and a story may help with getting the children to know each other better.

3.11 To prevent barriers we could all so talk to a family member, colleagues that has worked with the child or a professional that has seen the child but not worked within the settings.
3.12 If I identified that a child is finding it hard I would try and understand the difficulty they are having and try and teach in a different way for example speech, I work with a child that struggles with speech so I have pitchers cards and we turn it into a game I use building bricks every pitcher that he gets right we take one brick and so on until he has built a tower and I don’t just do this with that one child we do this with another child so he has a friend to join in.

4.13 every child


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