Iep Reflection Paper

Topics: Special education, Education, Psychology / Pages: 2 (365 words) / Published: Sep 15th, 2011
IEP Reflection PAPER
On Friday September 9th, I was able to observe a third and fourth grade special education classroom, this classroom is self-contained and I had the opportunity to look through one of students IEP. I learned a lot about IEP, this is a written plan designed by specialist team that describes what kind of disabilities the child needs to improve. They have a placement service that helps in the child’s needs. The IEP is the first step that a child needs to receive special education services. The IEP is revised once a year or some times more if it’s needed. Some of the materials that we can find in the IEP are annual goals for the child, which they are placed in a short-term with objectives and performances. The related services or intensive services like speech language service, physical therapy or occupational therapy. All these services are based on the child’s needs, also they include the day of services will begin and how often they are going to be provide help for the child with amount of time and how it is involved in these services.
At this time I have not personally developed an IEP; however, I have implemented the accommodations and modification under the supervision of special education teacher instruction for example, redirecting a student’s attention when the student is off task, getting eye contact before giving directions, repeating to the student so they can better understand what is expected of them, simplifying directions for them into short phrases also demonstrating the task before proceeding with the work, providing verbal praise when the student complies with the directions, does a good job, completes work, when given a test allowing the student as much time as need to finish the test, braking down task into manageable units such as reducing written task. All this modification and accommodation we place in order to help and follow the IEP requirements for each student. I think all that I learned on Friday, about IEP’s is going

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