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Assessor’s Questioning Record

|Questions |Answers |Units / Elements/ PCS/ KE|
|Explain what it means to have a duty of care |It means the duty of care you have in your job is to keep yourself safe and |Unit 4 - 1.1 |
|in own work role |your service user safe. Keep up to date on your training. Always wash your | |
| |hands before and after attending a service user, and wear the protective | |
| |aprons and gloves that are supplied by your work place. | |
| | | |
| |Duty of care means providing care and support to service users within the law| |
| |and also within the policies and procedures at your workplace and agreed ways| |
|Explain how duty of care contributes to the |of working of your employer. It is about avoiding abuse and injury to |Unit 4 – 1.2 |
|safeguarding or protection of individuals |individuals, their friends and family and their property. To help them keep | |
| |their respect and dignity preserved. | |
| | | |
| |As a health care assistant you have a duty of care to that person and you |

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