Topics: Geriatrics, Old age, Ageing Pages: 1 (568 words) Published: November 2, 2014

“Care for the elderly”
The elderly consider as persons in society who are the ages of sixty and above. This is old ages the beginning when a person becomes less active in affairs. However, there are elderly persons who are in active and good health. Though majority of these persons require attention. They are not able to get along on their own and care from their loved ones as well as friends. Some of them might require home-based care while others may need special attention in a nursing home or in a hospital. Nevertheless the elderly do need some from of care. This assignment will consider advantages and disadvantages of types care for the elderly. The main disadvantage is cost of service in a nursing house or in a hospital. It treats to private buildings which use for business. It create profit for them. That is not only good quality of personal, but also considers of modern technologies. It is expensive care for the elderly. Some people cannot allow themselves. Therefore older persons who live alone sell houses and take a lot of money. This is warranty of paid care. This includes help with custodial care like bathing, getting dressed and eating as well as skilled care. Furthermore it is important to remember that elderly people are precious. They are somebody’s grandparents and parents. Consequently, caring for them might be hard and tiresome and very often people start thinking about nursing and retirement homes. The greatest disadvantage is price of paid services because it is expensive for elderly persons. Advantages are nursing and retirement homes of public where provide care free. For example, local nursing homes are a good place for the elderly people who have no family members and have to live their last days alone. Every country’s government should care about their elderly citizens no matter of what age they are and what needs they have. But if there’s at least little possibility that you have an opportunity to take care about your grandparents on...
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