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The effects of challenging behaviour in different environments including a primary school setting

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I would like to find out the effects on challenging behaviour in different environments and the effects it has on the child’s family and education. The main reason for this research is because challenging behaviour is not usually picked up from a family member but it can be influenced by gadgets (for example: in the case of Jamie Bulger, the two boys were influenced by the movie Child’s Play or even the shooting during the Batman Premier which was also influenced by a movie). This research will help me identify the key issues that relate to why a child may have challenging behaviour and what can be done to help the child. I am currently studying ED2019 Understanding and Supporting Behaviour and this module encouraged me to do further research on challenging behaviour. It is also a personal interest I have finding out about children with challenging behaviour. The potential users for this research may be families with children who have challenging behaviour who may be interested knowing more about this behaviour and what can be done to support their child. The main three questions I am looking into are how challenging behaviour affects education? How challenging behaviour affects parents and siblings? And how does the environment affect challenging behaviour? There may be different reasons for why a child has challenging behaviour so it is important to look into different aspects of the child’s life.
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