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Teaching Assistant: STLIS CACHE Level 3 Award Assignment 1
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Question 1 (Words: 200)
Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with: Children
Young people
Communication means passing information from one person to another. It can be an interchange of opinions, thoughts, or information via speech, signs or writing between two or more people. When communication is clear, precise and easily understood, it is known as effective communication and is significant in personal as well as professional settings. Children:

Helps them to achieve
When there is effective communication amongst pupils and adult, pupils will have a proper understanding of what they are expected to do, how they are expected to behave, what resources they need. They will be able to speak to adults about their needs and they are likely to be offered the services and resources which they require to achieve. Young People:

Reduces conflict
Although young people are more advanced in their language and communication skills, their humour may change as they begin to understand and use sarcasm and wit.  Their ability to think logically begins to mature and as their intellect increases so also does their confidence and skills required to debate/argue both formally and informally.The primary reason for the occurrence of conflict is poor or misunderstood communication. With effective communication you are able to resolve conflicts, build harmony and bridge communication gaps which create conflict. An example is when teenagers are being guided in choosing a career by teacher, parent, guidance counsellor etc. Your intention may be to support them make the choice of a career that they may be comfortable with but they may feel that you are invading their privacy and this should be their choice not yours. Effective questioning technique can be used (You can ask effective questions like “what subject do you find interesting?”, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”) They are less likely to feel that you are choosing for them but asking them questions that help them to find the subject they feel comfortable with. This way there will be less conflict between adult and young people. Adults:

Strengthens relationships
Effective communication helps people understand what they want and expect from each other. This helps to build strong personal and professional relationships between them.  When they have this positive relationship, they are less likely to be unnecessarily competitive but they work together as a team sharing ideas and using the same principles across the school. Parents are the most constant adult in a child’s life. They are likely to give beneficial support if they are able to communicate effectively with the school. They are able to help ease transition processes if they are well informed about the child’s progress through the different stages. Parents and practitioners can build better relationship in the interest of the child. Question 2 (Words: 200)

Explain the principles of relationship building with:
Young people
Children learn to communicate through the responses of others. If they do not feel that their contribution is valued, they are less likely to initiate communication themselves. I would make sure that the child was given plenty of opportunities to speak. I would give eye contact at all times, actively listen, use body language and facial expressions and be approachable. I would then react, comment & repeat what they had said to check my understanding. For children to be able to communicate effectively, I would encourage them to ask questions and put their ideas forward. Pupils should feel relaxed and confident enough in school to be able to do this, as it is by questioning and finding out that they learn. They should also be able to offer their own...
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