Topics: Criminal justice, Corrections officer, Prison Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: January 21, 2013
A violation of a correction officer’s code of ethics |
Phase 1 Individual Project|
Tiakeya Leary|

Abstract: this paper will be discussing the code of ethics of a jail officer. I will talk about an incident that has taken place at a jail between a correction officer and a inmate. I will determine what code of ethics the correction officer has violated and what actions I chose to take due to the officers violations. In closing I will discuss whether or not the decisions I made was guided by the institution’s subculture.

After reviewing the case file of the correctional officer who is a 7 year veteran, I have notice that there are certain protocols that has to be taken due to the unprofessionalism actions the correction officer has taken in the incident involving an inmate. For the preparation for the meeting I would host, I have reviewed and will reilliterate the code of ethics that was presented to the officer at the time the officer was hired. As I am conducting the meeting with the correctional officer, I will ask the officer do he remembers the code of ethics. If the officer tells me he does I will have the officer to repeat the code of ethics of a correctional officer. Once the officer repeats the code of ethics, I would then ask the officer is there anything about the code of ethics that he does not understand. Once the officer has finish, I will then go back over the code of ethics. I will start off by say that the code of ethics for correctional officers is a promise that the officers makes to their job and I will continue with what the officer has promised. The officers promise to keep their private life faultless. For example, the officer has to be mindful of other in staying bravely calm. The officers promise to be mindful of the welfare of others and to be honest in their personal and official life. The officers promise to never act bossily or have personal feelings against another. For example, being prejudice,...

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