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Y/601/7643 Principles of Maintaining Stationery Stock


The Workbook

The purpose of the workbook is to support you, the Learner, in gathering and recording evidence towards your Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration. This unit provides Learners with an understanding of how to maintain stationery stock. Content

This workbook contains a number of tasks that you must complete to show your knowledge. Where necessary there will be guidance shown along with information which will help you to understand what is required from you. Assessor

Your assessor will also support you in completing the workbook. He or she will visit you to discuss the workbook and what you need to do. The assessor will make sure that you fully understand what you will need to learn and record in your workbook. Learner

To complete this workbook you may be –
1.Not in employment
2.In full or part-time education
3.In full or part-time employment
4.Undertaking voluntary work

What do you need to do
1.Choose an organisation around which you will build your answers to the questions contained in the workbook. This may be –

1.an organisation in which you currently work
2.an organisation that you are interested in and would like to work in

Note: There is not a requirement for the answers to the questions and tasks to all come from one organisation. All workbooks can be completed based on the same organisation.

2.Discuss the suitability of your chosen organisation(s) with your assessor so that they can guide you as to how and where you will be able to find the information required to help you to complete the task in your workbook.

3.Use the blank pages at the back of the workbook for any notes or to complete questions where you run out of space. Any additional paper used in addition to this workbook to answer questions should be attached and submitted to your assessor.

Title:Y/601/7643 Principles of maintaining stationery stock Level:2
Credit Value:1
Learning Outcomes
The learner will;Assessment Criteria
The learner can;
1.Understand why stationery stock needs to be available1.1 Explain the purpose of making sure stationery stock is maintained and controlled 1.2 Describe factors that may affect the future level of demand for stationery stock 1.3 Explain the purpose of making sure value for money is obtained when ordering stock 2.Understand how to maintain stationery stock levels2.1 Describe how to order, receive, store and dispose of stationery items 2.2 Explain how to carry out a stock-take of stationery stock items Additional information

Unit aim (s)This unit provides learners with an understanding of how to maintain stationery stock. Assessment requirements specified by a sector or regulatory body (if appropriate) Details of the relationship of the unit and relevant national occupational standardsCouncil for Administration

1.List the stationery items you would expect to find in a business environment

Learner Response
The stationary items you would expect to find in a business environment are: •Laptops
Paper weights
Paper clips
Stapler remover
Sticky pads
A4 paper

2.What are the reasons for maintaining and controlling stationery stock? Learner Response
The reason for maintaining stationary stock is to ensure that if somebody needs to use any stationary the stock is always maintained and resources are available if needed.

3.What are the factors that can influence how much stock you keep of certain stationery items? This can include decreasing the amount of stock as well as increasing the amount of stock.

Learner Response
Factors that may affect stock are:

If there is a clinic or event on, which requires the use of stationary, this may affect the...
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