Topics: The First Session, Unconditional positive regard, Feeling Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: April 14, 2013
| |This is my first experience of seeing how a counselling relationship can develop by having three sessions. It felt like | | |we were on a journey of development with a beginning, middle and end. Throughout the process it was interesting seeing | | |the change and growth moving moving forward from one stage to the next. | | | | | |The initial stage is where everything began to be established. The contract laid out my boundaries detailing | | |confidentiality and that I work under the BACP ethical framework also time constraints within the session. I think that | | |by clarifying the timing of the session and also where the session takes place are integral factors into the unfolding of | | |the work as the relationship between us is built. In fact I feel the mechanical parts are just as information the | | |formation of the sessions and their depth because it is the regularity, consistency and reliability in both the physical | | |and emotional environment that gives a foundation for trust to be built. I felt the contract was firm but warm creating | | |an environment which conveyed that it was welcoming and accepting. By asking the client to “begin whenever they were | | |ready” I felt this was an approach which I hope made the client feel that I had no specific or hidden agenda and that the | | |client controlled what material as well as what direction it took. During the session I was asked “what do you advise?” | | |but I had to clarify that my role was not to be an advice giver I was there...
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