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Task A

The Codes of Practice sets out particular standards for confidentiality and information sharing and the code of practice is as a social care worker, you must strive to establish and maintain the trust of service users and carers which means to be reliable, dependable, trustworthy and honest with information and confidentiality like by not promising to keep confidential information or by adhering to policies and procedures about accepting gifts and money from service users and carers because some may be too vulnerable and elderly. The Data Protection Act states that personal information shall be kept and only given out to those in a need to know basis and all personal information must be up to date with relevant knowledge and it must be kept accurate.

The Disability discrimination Act outlines that not every single person is the same so therefore you must have respect for different people and you must remember that every single person has equal rights to be treated equally. It also outlines that people with disabilities are equal to the rights of employment, education, buying or renting land or property, access to goods or services like a shop these rights are in place for all disabled people. The equal opportunities sets out that it protects people from harassment and victimization in the workplace and in society, providing protection for people discriminated against because they may be perceived to have had a protected disability and providing clearer guidance for single parents.

The minimum standards for care homes outlines that service users can and will make decisions about their lives with assistance when needed, you as a care worker need to make the person in your care aware if they have any health aliments, staff maintain their own personal hygiene as well as that of the client, clients are assessed by people that are trained to check if they have developed and that opportunities are given for those clients to do exercise and promote their brain. The health and safety at work act states that you as a person have a right to maintain your own health and safety by cooperating with employers or other people but your employer must maintain the health and safety of the premises by being in control.

The codes of practice states that as a social care worker you must be accountable for the quality of your work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving you knowledge and skills. Which includes informing your employer or person in charge of any personal difficulties that may arise that will affect the way in which you work; you must work openly and effectively with your colleagues and treat them with respect and by being accountable for your work and others? Qcf diploma on health and safety and it has a unit on personal development. Principles of personal development which is about good practice and what we must learn in order to provide the best possible care to our clients.

The codes of practice outlines that as a social care worker you must promote the independence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm. Which includes that you as a social care worker must always provide safe care and good quality care and you must never be afraid to stand up for what’s right.

There is a unit in the Qcf diploma on safeguarding the people from abuse and harm which means protecting those vulnerable clients from all things bad and by writing reports on a daily basis and outlining what to watch out for so that other care workers will be aware of these.


A PDP is a personal development plan and a PDP is all about the person in general that you’re doing the plan on. In a PDP it outlines your goals like what you need to achieve and what you have achieved such as have you achieved to run a marathon and it also outlines what areas you need improvement in and what your strengths are. Also it outlines your aims and objectives like getting...
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