Message Appeals Used in Advertising

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What Message Appeals would you use for the following Products? Design One Liner Punch lines: 1. Study Table in Household.
2. Cosmetic Surgery.
Message Appeals:
Berknan and Gilson Defined advertising appeals as an attempt at creativity that inspires consumers motives for purchase and affects consumer’s attitude towards a specific product or service. Message appeals are used in Advertising Messages to draw the consumer’s attention to his or her, own unmet needs and desires. Appeals can be broadly classified as Rational and Emotional. Rational appeals work on the consumer’s rationale i.e. the message will focus on the features of the product, its performance, the benefits from using the product, ease or technicality involved in usage, etc. The emotional appeal on the other hand works on the consumer’s emotions i.e. the message focuses on the satisfaction derived from purchasing, using or gifting the product. Case Study:

1. Study Table in Household.
Product name: A1
A study Table for a household is likely to be purchased by the Lower Middle, Upper Middle, Lower Upper and Upper Upper class. This product will also be affective in urban areas. The Rural populace is involved in manual labour and even if the students go to school they wouldn’t be using a desk and chair at home. The various message appeals that could be used whilst advertising a Study Table for a household are: Subliminal Appeal: This appeal is used to inform consumers about their needs that may be suppressed and therefore these needs to be made conscious. This appeal can be used to advertise a Study Table in the household by focusing on the importance of sitting at a table whilst studying or working. Every student and parent is aware of the importance of a study table as at school students always study whilst sitting at a table. Similarly in offices one works at his desk or cubicle thus the need for a table and chair is recognised. However Consumer’s might be wary of the importance of...
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