Assignment 4

Topics: Rhetoric, Writing, Need Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Part 1:
In a campus, local, or major newspaper or magazine, find an editorial or article you wish to analyze. (Please use Time, The Wall Street Journal, etc. for the editorial or article. The magazine cannot be People, Star, Glamour, Vogue, etc.). For the written piece, determine the following things (these need to be specifically included in your presentation): * the thesis

* ethos, logos, and pathos
* audience (what kind?)
* purpose
* Based on your notes and book chapter, what other elements of an Argumentation and Persuasion essay did the writer use? (Rogerian method, Toulminian method, refutes, etc.) These comments can be both positive and negative. Give your opinion on the article. Did the writer do their job well or not? Did they persuade you? Do you agree/disagree? Part 2:

Clip an effective advertisement from a magazine or newspaper that relates in some way to the editorial or article. Through brainstorming, determine to what extent the ad depends on logos, ethos, and pathos. Make sure to consider the logical fallacies discussed in this chapter as well. After reviewing your brainstorming, devise a thesis that expresses your feelings about the ad’s persuasive strategies. Are they responsible or effective? Why or why not? ***You must provide a copy of the article and advertisement to me before the presentation begins. Requirements:

* You will be presenting this as a group to the class.
* I expect equal participation from each group member. There will be an anonymous group review form where members can be honest about their group’s participation levels. * Dress nicely for the presentation.

* Provide a visual. (i.e. handouts, science board, power point, etc.) * You can use a combination of elements listed above or your own ideas as well. The internet will be available if needed. Be creative. Be relevant. You don’t have to write a paper, so make it interesting. * The presentation needs to be at least 15 minutes...
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