Holo Chef

Topics: Iron Chef America, Bobby Flay, Food Network Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Advertising Project: Holo(hall-oh) Chef!
This advertisement is targeted towards adults who enjoy watching people cook on food network but don’t know how to themselves. With the help of the virtual, famous iron chef Bobby Flay, cooking couldn’t be any easier! My motivator is enjoyment. Cooking should be a fun and pleasurable activity and with the help of Bobby Flay and his charismatic personality it’s possible. The propaganda device I used is transfer. Bobby Flay is a famous and known chef so he would help raise the sells of my product. My persuasive device is ethos because my product is endorsed by a celebrity who is an experienced chef. A literary device I used is a simile because I’m comparing my products ease of use to as easy as counting to 1, 2, 3. Magazine ads:

1. This advertisement is targeted towards adults who can afford this luxury item, which is an item that isn’t necessary in order to live but it’s desirable to have. My motivator in this magazine ad is recognition. The price tag on this system is a bit hefty so it attracts those who can actually afford it, which are most likely people who have a successful career and can afford to blow off their money. The propaganda device I used is loaded words. “Innovative” appears a few times and I used it to further associate the word to a deeper/bigger meaning such as the newer age, ingenious, contemporary, etc. My persuasive device is logos because I’ve written unchanging facts. A literary device I used is an idiom, to refer that the Holo Chef system is so simple in design that it’s easy to use. 2. This advertisement is targeted towards the person who would usually cook for their family. With the help of a hologram chef, cooking dinner for the family couldn’t be even more satisfying and simple! My motivator is towards nurturing. Using the Holo Chef system is an opportunity for providing a lavish and simple dinner for the family. The propaganda device I used is glittering generality. The picture I...
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