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Topics: Logic, Super Bowl, Inductive reasoning Pages: 5 (1419 words) Published: December 6, 2014

Commercial Analysis
Unit 9 Assignment
Andreia Evans
HU345 – Critical Thinking
Kaplan University
Professor Ronald Davenport
July 15, 2014

Commercial Analysis
Often varying in message and purpose, commercials and advertisements have proven to be successful forms and methods of mass communication. The goals of advertisements is to appeal to their target audience in an effort to encourage or persuade that demographic to purchase their products and become their customer. Some companies may even have more than one commercial in an effort to reach and persuade those that are outside of their usual demographic to begin purchasing their products. Not only taking into account the obvious message, it is important to also analyze and look into the subcomponents, such as imagery and dialogue, that makes conveying their message successful. Commercial One: Radioshack

The commercial begins with two young Radioshack salesmen standing at the counter. One is on the phone. When he hangs up the phone with a confused look on his face his co-worker asks who it was on the phone. His response was, “The 80s called. They said that they want their store back.” Before he can even finish what he is saying, the doors fly open and television characters and celebrities from the 80s barge into the store. Hulk Hogan, Jason, Kid & Play, the Raisins, Chucky, Alf, the guys from Back to the Future and a lot of other celebrities that I do not know enter the store. They start lifting VCRs, boom boxes, fax machines, the huge old desktop computers, phones, and tearing the store apart. The car from back to the future is loaded up with a bunch of stuff from the store and speeds off. The camera zooms back around to the two salesmen and the characters and celebrities are all gone. The store is completely wiped out. All of the products, furnishings, and stocking accessories such as shelves are all gone too. They even took the carpet. Analysis

I understood the commercial to mean that Radioshack has or is planning on updating and redefining the chain of stores. “For Radio Shack's Super Bowl 2014 commercial, the '80s gang is all here; the electronics chain mocks itself by revealing its new, renovated look, shedding its outdated style and reputation (Huffpost TV Canada, 2014).” The commercial used 80s music, 80s characters dressed in 80s clothing, and outdated electronics to demonstrate that they acknowledge that they are outdated and in need of a face lift. This commercial aired during a peak viewing time, the Super Bowl. The commercial was suited for those probably 30 years old and older because of the nature of the characters and their meaning. I am about to be 28 years old and I had no clue who some of the characters were so the message was lost and the characters were a big distraction. For those that may be even younger, that is a demographic that buys electronics, etc. that Radioshack probably should have taken into consideration during the crafting of this advertisement. Due to the confusion of the characters and the necessity that viewers are of a certain age to completely understand it, this advertisement was very ineffective. It’s ineffectiveness also is a result of it being a short 30 second video, with the only dialogue being “Who was that?” “The 80s called. They said that they want their store back” P1: The 80s wanted their store back.

C: Radioshack is outdated.
Issue: Whether or not Radioshack was still stuck in the 80s. The type of reasoning used in the commercial was the inductive argument. More specific, Radioshack used an analogical argument to convey their message. An analogical argument is a type of inductive argument in which analogies are used to illustrate the premise often comparing two or more things (Jackson & Newberry, 2012). In this instance, the 80s were compared to a retail store being outdated. Commercial Two: Hyundai

The commercial begins with a man standing in a garden alone. He...
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