unit 202 2.4

Topics: Rooms, Storey, Building Pages: 4 (948 words) Published: February 5, 2014
UNIT 202. 2.4
Overleaf is a plan of our school. It is in three separate zones. Zone one is RED
Zone two is BLUE
Zone three is ORANGE
Zone one shows the ground floor of the school. On the ground floor is the main entrance to the school, which is a security door that remains permanently locked and has an intercom system. Only visitors known and recognised can gain entry via the intercom and the school administrator. All teaching staff have their own code to gain entry. The main entrance is where junior pupils are brought in the morning by parents. Parents are not allowed beyond the reception point. Any person seen beyond this point you see in any part of the building who you don’t recognise, does not have a valid visitors pass, or you feel concerned about you must approach, explain they are not to be there. If they are unable to give you a valid reason as to why they are there, you must take them to reception, get another member of staff and escort them from the building. If you are suspicious of them then always report to police. On this floor are the following rooms and fire equipment:

Main reception foyer – two water extinguishers
Admin office – powder extinguisher
Deputy Heads office
Staff toilets
Staff room – powder extinguisher and fire blanket in kitchen area Dining room
Kitchen - fire blanket
Head Teacher’s office – water extinguisher outside in hallway Store room
Lift to first floor
Zone two shows the first floor which has the following rooms and equipment: Junior classrooms 1-4
Training room
Main hall – two water extinguishers
Store room
Medical room
Hallway – water extinguisher
Server room
ICT room – water extinguisher just outside door
Lift to second floor
Zone three shows locked safety doors at the foot of the stairs in the main hallway. This is where the infant pupils are brought to school. These doors are staffed at the beginning of the school day when pupils arrive. No parents are allowed beyond this point. When all...
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