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Physical Attractiveness

When it comes to attraction, a variety of simple factors play a significant role in whom we as people come to like. Things as basic as proximity, looks, similarity, and even the difficulty of the pursuit all affect a person’s overall attractiveness. This paper will discuss how these factors are attributed to attraction and why human nature demands bonding and relationships. People are drawn to those who are near and seen on a regular basis. This finds its explanation in that people become...

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The Effects of Hairstyle on Perceived Attractiveness

Physical characteristics from asymmetry to weight to hair color all have an impact on people's perception of attractiveness (Clayson & Klassen, 1989; Rhodes, Geddes, Jeffery, Dziurawiec, & Clark, 2002). Previous studies have shown that obese people are viewed with a negative stereotype and as more unattractive with an absence of personal responsibility (Clayson & Klassen, 1989). Levels of attractiveness have also been studied in several terms of facial characteristics. Some researchers questioned...

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A Big “a” for Attractiveness: How Facial Attractiveness Influence Attribution Formation of the Opposite Gender

Running head: ATTRACTIVENESS AND ATTRIBUTES 1 A Big “A” for Attractiveness: How Facial Attractiveness Influence Attribution Formation of the Opposite Gender ATTRACTIVENESS AND ATTRIBUTES 2 Abstract The experiment was designed to test how physical appearances (particularly that of facial attractiveness) influence males’ and females’ attribution formation of their biological counterparts. Male and female college students (N=30)...

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Similarity of Attractiveness Levels in Engaged Couples:

Running head: Similarity of Attractiveness Levels in Engaged Couples Similarity of Attractiveness Levels in Engaged Couples: Do You Pick Your Mate Based on Your Own Attractiveness Level? Abstract Like other similar research, this study will determine that it is the similarities not the differences that bring people together when they are selecting their mates. This study explores this concept based strictly on physical attractiveness levels. Participants will be asked...

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Skittles Juice Category Attractiveness

Category Attractiveness Template | | | | | | | | |Factors |Analysis |Assessment | | ...

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Pheromones and their Effects on Human's Sexual Attractiveness

 RUNNING HEAD: PHEROMONES 1 Pheromones and their Effects on Human’s Sexual Attractiveness Yesenia Rogers Diablo Valley College PHERMONES 2 Abstract This paper talks about what pheromones are and how they work. It will also...

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Outline and evaluate research into the factors involved in the formation of relationships

vital role in the formation of relationships, these being physical attractiveness, proximity, attitude similarity, demographic similarity and similarity in personality. Physical attractiveness in the Western World is of great importance and research has shown that being physically attractive is one of the primary determinants of whether or not you develop a relationship with someone. Investigations have shown that physical attractiveness makes people more popular and applies to both platonic and...

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Physical Attractiveness and Criminal Behavior

Physical unattractiveness, deformity, and disfigurement have been associated with evil since antiquity. In the Iliad, Homer described the wicked Thersites as possessing thin hair over a "misshapen head," with one blinking eye and a lame leg. Physiognomy (the "science" of reading personality characteristics into facial features) traces its practice to Homer's Greece. When Socrates was convicted for heresy and the corruption of youth in the fifth century B.C., a physiognomist charged that his face...

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Social Psychology Research Proposal

individual’s trait will be favorable. Specific to physical attractiveness, this is known as the “Attractiveness Halo.” Attractiveness plays an important role in determining social interactions. In fact, the physical attractiveness of an individual is a vital social cue utilized by others to evaluate other aspects of that individual’s abilities (Kenealy, Frude, & Shaw, 2001). Because of the attractiveness halo, attractive applicants trying to enter the...

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Natural and Sexual Selection.

individuals to notify others of the potential we possess as future mates. For example, scientists have found that men have a preference in regards to hip-waist ratio. This may have resulted from sexual selection in regards to both intelligence and physical appearance many years ago. Man became more intelligent and believed that low waist-hip ratio indicated a high oestrogen ratio, which may favour reproductive function, and therefore also became sexually sought after in mates. Hence why this view is...

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Describe and Evaluate Two Theories of the Formation of Relationships

Hypothesis’ which is a social psychological theory based on relationships, proposed by Goffman in 1952. It suggests that in order for a relationship to be a long and successful one; both partners in the relationship must be equally matched in attractiveness. The reason for this is due to fear of rejection, therefore when searching for a potential life partner the primary drive is to select someone who is similarly attractive. Walster et al (1966) carried out a study to test the Matching Hypothesis...

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Describe and Evaluate Two or More Theories of the Formation of Romantic Relationships.

create a negative affect) and rating in silence. They found out that the physical attractiveness was influenced by the music. They found that the females rating the photos whilst listening to rock rated them higher rather than those listening to Avant garde music or rating in silence. This study supports the theory because it suggests that the participants were associating the affect that music had on them with the attractiveness of the males and this determined the ratings. This study also showed us...

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Review of Science of Sex Appeal Documentary

can stem from different physical features ranging from facial symmetry to body movement and even voice. Humans look for characteristics that they want to pass on to their offspring and signs of health as reflected by appearance. When it comes to the face, attractiveness has been attributed to symmetry and balance, as well as the masculinity and femininity of a face. The Greeks used a formula that is often found in nature called the Golden Ratio, to measure attractiveness. It measures the distance...

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Critical Analysis of Absolut Vodka "Perfect Man

magazines we see attractive, happy people, with air-brushed perfect, flawless, bodies posing to sell a particular item or idea. Who is the media to say what constitutes as beauty and an attractive person? Why are certain attributes associated with attractiveness, beauty, likability and social skills? We are force feed images and told what beauty is and have thus formed our own ideas and opinions. However, are those ideas and opinion really ours or were we constructed by media to think and feel a particular...

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Social Perception and Interpersonal Behavior

future behavior and may guide and influence the perceiver's interactions with the target. How others treat us is, in large measure, a reflection of our treatment of them. By the same token one widely held stereotype in this culture involves physical attractiveness. Considerable evidence suggests that attractive persons are assumed to possess more socially desirable personality traits and are expected to lead better lives than their unattractive people. Attractive persons are perceived to have virtually...

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Effects Of A Tattoo On Men S Behavior And Attitudes Towards Women

and short-term partners. In long-term relationships, men value physical attractiveness more than women do. Women, on the other hand, value financial stability and higher status more than men do. In short-term mates, women care more about physical attractiveness. However, men still care more than women do. Because physical attractiveness heavily influences men’s choice in mates, it can be assumed that different aspects of women’s physical appearances are important. Studies have shown that the breast...

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What Are the Social Factors That Influence Interpersonal Attraction? Discuss in Relation to Relevant Psychological Theories and Studies

others around us. They range from close romantic relationships up to more casual relationships such as acquaintances or university peers. There are numerous numbers of social factors that may lead to interpersonal attraction such as proximity, physical attractiveness, similarity and reciprocity. There are also numerous theories into attraction and how humans form interpersonal relationships. Proximity or being close to a person has a big influence on our choice of friends or romantic partners, previous...

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Evolution of Breasts

standpoint! Human females have larger breasts than all their nonhuman primates. Many studies have been conducted on the function and purpose of the large female breasts. Human females have breasts that have evolved to always be prominent after puberty, a physical characteristic that has been found to be attractive to our male ancestors and even males in today’s society. As signals of fertility and good health, breasts cause arousal in males hence, increasing a woman’s chances of attracting a mate! Different...

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plastic surgery

Question: should cosmetic surgery be banned? Background information: Society have always valued beauty. Attractiveness often symbolizes an admirable protagonist, while ugliness indicates the abominable antagonist. People of every race and culture have gone to extremes in the name of beauty of foot binding in china to nose jib in 800 B.C India. Thesis Statement: Despite the fact that attractiveness have distinct advantages in our community, more people want to do plastic surgery in order to survive...

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Psychology of Attraction

using Photoshop. Also, some celebrities may have gotten plastic surgery to remove flaws. When people look at magazines, people may have false impressions of attractiveness. This greatly affects our views of beauty. In this world, being physically attractive can help you socially and economically. Cialdini (1984) has named physical attractiveness an important component of influence. He noted that physically attractive people have an enormous social advantage in our culture; they are better liked, more...

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Beauty in Todays World

accentuating their hips, breasts, and buttocks. However at the start of the 1900’s being slender became more fashionable, as women were encouraged to be more physically fit and the idea of the “Gibson Working Girl” was created as the epitome of physical attractiveness. During this time period women often bound their breasts in order to create a more slender appearance. By the 1950’s “beautiful” women were thin and had a large bustline, like Mariyln Monroe who was a size sixteen. In today’s western modern...

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Eye Candy: Do Students Prefer Physically Attractive Professors?

Abstract When given a choice, professors should be chosen on previous experience and credentials. More often than not perceived facial attractiveness can potentially influence a student’s decision in choosing a professor. If a student chooses their professors based off of facial attractiveness instead of teaching methods, it can potentially be risking the academic outcome of the student. Biological instincts which drive certain human functions can potentially overpower logical decisions. Students...

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decision making in juries

Increasing minorities cannot be easily dismissed. Characteristics of the defendant may also influence the decision-making of juries. The characteristics of the defendant have also been shown to influence judges and juries, which include physical attractiveness and ethnicity. People hold stereotypes that criminals have a certain type of facial appearance, which is believed to be unattractive. Attractive people are likely to be thought of as happy, intelligent and truthful individuals not capable...

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Choosing a Mate

important because physical health compliments mental health which if both are good it makes for a stable partner, and the fact of her being intelligent makes it much more enticing because it allows for the chance for intellectual conversations to give each person a better knowledge of one another. According to the textbook the criteria for choosing a mate ranges from physical attractiveness, male and female differences, personality and life success. For the physical attractiveness the text said that...

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sexual values

sexuality, the first thing we take into consideration is physical attraction. Men are very visual. Essentially what men find attractive about a woman are her legs and butt. Height and weight are first things that a woman note when she meet a man. Too much or too little of either immediately classifies the man as unattractive to women, and women certainly are not going to be interesting to the man. What also counts to both man and woman as physical attraction is what they do with their hair, clothes...

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Power of Love and Relationship

similarities, matching hypothesis, physical attractiveness, exposure, equitable, and playing hard to get. Similarities is being attracted to an individual who shares the same features, attitude, and values as themselves. The same goes for matching hypothesis were individuals desire a relationship with someone who is close to them in physical attractiveness. People also tend to get along better and gravitate toward people that they find physical attractive. Attractiveness appears to be a most important...

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Does the Media Influence Young Women's Body Image in Ireland

women compare themselves to the models they see in magazines and other forms of media such as television shows and billboards, in regards to their physical attractiveness, Wang, Youfa, Beydoun, May A (2007). The media and the fashion industry put so much emphasis on being thin and on the ideal body image, this can be psychologically detrimental to the physical and all mental well being of young women and their self-image. This can also give rise to excessive exercise and eating disorders amongst young...

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The Scientific Determinations of Beauty

beautiful. Beauty can depend on personality features as well as physical features. Through the many characteristics of a person our media portrays one characteristic to be deemed the most important. The way our media views beauty has one main factor. Our media perceives beauty as being thin, skinny, lean, scrawny and so on. Whichever of these words you choose to describe it as our media deems the most important factor of a person’s attractiveness as being at a lower weight than the average person. The...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour

according to Darwin; it enables us to find mutations which help us survive. In addition to natural selection, Darwin also suggested that species evolve through sexual selection. Darwin suggested that animals would evolve through time and end up with physical and behavioural characteristics that allow them to survive efficiently and compete effectively with rivals. For example, the peacock’s tail appears to reduce its chance of survival as it attracts predators and hinders its flight. But the tail is...

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Death of a Salesman

appreciation for the present. Miller's character Willy Loman is convinced attractiveness, popularity, and physical prowess is all any man needs for prosperity. In the beginning, Miller introduces Willy's flawed insight linking personal attractiveness to success. Act I opens with a conversation between Willy and his wife, Linda. While discussing their son, Biff, Willy wonders how, “a young man with such – personal attractiveness, gets lost” (Miller 1237). Proudly, Willy continues his high praise asking...

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Analysis of Newspaper Research

not on OC, some questions. When determining relationship length they picked the women who had one biological child with the partner. A series of questions about sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and the women were asked to rate the attractiveness of the partner (Roberts et al. 2011, p. 3). Table 1 measure | non-usersa | OC usersa | sample sizeb | Zc | p | | | | non-users | OC users | | | sexual satisfaction | sexual arousal | 6.07 ± 0.062 | 5.91 ± 0.068 | 991 | 766 | 2...

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Power of Love

factors impact the type of people we are attracted to. They include physical attractiveness, proximity, reciprocity, and similarity. Research shows that the initial phases of romantic attraction are largely determined by physical appeal (Curran & Ruppel, 2012). People’s perception of their own physical appeal also plays a part in romantic love. People tend to choose companions who are equal, or very close to the level of attractiveness to themselves (Curran & Ruppel, 2012). Proximity is an important...

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Attraction: Describe and evaluate two psychological theories of interpersonal attraction.

number of factors such as physical attractiveness, similarity, complementarity, familiarity, proximity, reciprocal liking and perceived fallibility which influence the process of attraction to varying degrees. The first stage of interpersonal attraction is physical attractiveness. There are various theories about the importance of physical attraction and the influence of factors such as culture and generation. It has been shown in many studies that physical attractiveness has significant bearing in...

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Genre Analysis

do have more advantages throughout the course of their life. Two pieces of writing have confirmed these findings. The first piece is called “A Thing of beauty is a Joy Forever?” Returns to Physical Attractiveness Over the Life Course. This piece describes a study done to analyze the effects physical attractiveness has on economic and marital success, over the course of life. This is a scholarly peer reviewed article. The other article is found in the magazine Psychology Today called The Truth About...

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Social Self

Interpersonal attraction is simply an attraction between individuals that can lead to liking, friendship or love. Research suggests that there are multiple factors that influence interpersonal attraction, including proximity, similarity, exposure, physical attractiveness, reciprocal liking and reinforcement, these factors as well as our own expires and the meanings we have attached to them. Relations exist in four major categories the first being affiliation defined as wanting to be with another person. In...

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Self Improvement

SELF IMPROVEMENT (COMM 1) Topic Outline Thesis Statement: There are different ways to improve your self. I. Physical A. Make the habit of drinking more water. B. Be hygienic. C. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. D. Don’t bite your nails. E. Always wear deodorant or antiperspirant. F. Be confident all the time. G. Always be in proper posture. H. Choose clothes that compliment your body shape. I. Apply attractive perfumes or body sprays, but not too much...

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Race and Gender Schemas

with their appearance, are not aggressive on the playing field, tend to be shy if they ask questions, usually assume that they are not in a position of authority, and express their emotions freely. My schematic representation of male and female physical features has relaxed slightly since childhood; plenty of the women I was with in high school were more angular than curvy. Even though I grew up in a fairly enlightened part of the world, men and women still used nonconformity to gender stereotypes/schemas...

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Characteristic of Persuasion

also not have an overweight person trying to do a sales ad for a terrific exercise machine and think it will be effective. Second, the audience needs to believe the person is trustworthy. Most people establish if a person is trustworthy by their physical appearance and their mannerisms. In general, more physically attractive communicators are more persuasive and less attractive communicators are less persuasive (Chaiken, 1979; Debevec, Madden, & Kernan, 1986; DeBono & Telesca, 1990). People...

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Biological Aspects of Beauty

that contribute to beauty and not fully explore any of them. They are indecisive as to what their stance was on certain issues, such as, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and whether or not facial symmetry and averageness contributes to attractiveness. Fink and Neave would cite one research and counter by citing other research with an opposing view. They never clearly state which view they agree or disagree with, and in the rare instances in which they do, they do not entirely agree: A common...

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An Analytical Approach on Why Not to Act Like the Nice Guy

term relationship, which encompasses other benefits, the agreeable and “nice guy” approach would be a better suit. Research conducted by Ahmetoglu and Swami (2012) was able to take this one step further by providing an insight to how nonverbal physical cues of dominance and agreeableness were able to fluctuate the levels of female attraction. Ahmetoglu et al (2012) claim that although women state a preference for a sensitive and “nice guy” that is rarely their choice, usually ending up with a more...

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The Fashion Indistries Affect on Body Image

influences. From an early age we are exposed to images and messages that reinforce the idea that to be happy and successful, we must be thin. Seeing celebrities that we admire and aspire to look like can often make us feel dissatisfied with our physical appearance. Celebrities who are super skinny and always dressed nicely make us think twice about the way we look and might contribute to an eating disorder or low self-esteem. 97% of women admit to having at least one “I hate my body” moment each...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour.

be used to explain certain characteristics or behaviours which increase an individual’s reproductive success. These characteristics may get exaggerated over evolutionary time. In humans, these characteristics may include good physical and mental health, as well as physical features such as good looks etc. these characteristics are attractive because they show an ability to reproduce and pass on these genes to offspring. There are two types of sexual selection, intrasexual and intersexual. Intrasexual...

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Society and Appearance

society. This is because they don’t have the social skills required, and simply can’t fit in with the public. It is mind boggling how our physical aspect plays a role on our emotions. Consequently, it can also puts a dent in our wallets. To keep up with the persona of looking appealing, people spend large amounts of money to enhance or change their physical image. In today’s day and age, teenagers feel the need that they have to incorporate popular, overrated brand names, into their everyday...

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Media Influences

as models of physical perfection – and ‘Killing Us Softly’ creator Jean Kilbourne exclaims, “These body types practically do not exist!” For the most part, the types of people we see in the media are television and movie celebrities, fashion models, and sports figures. It is one thing to be acknowledged for one’s achievements, but the issue lies in that the glamorous ways in which these occupations are portrayed by the media are seemingly impossible to separate from the physical appearance of...

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Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation

today.   Why? Because society is under the impression that “sex still sells” (Schiller, Landler, and Flynn, 1991).    Objectification of women in advertising:  Women are often viewed as a sex object because they are identified by their physical attractiveness and their sex appeal. Most often than not, in advertisements especially, they have no relationship with the products but they are chosen and shown anyway because of what their bodies/figures can offer. Objectification of women is hence when...

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Personality and Appearance

Actually, it is good to care about our appearance as long as we don't waste our time and money. How about those who spend an enormous amount of money on cosmetics and plastic surgery? They are obsessed people who want to improve their facial and physical appearance. They may deny the fact that cosmetics and surgery may pose a danger to their health. Actually, they may help you look younger in the short run, but they make you look older in the long run. So it might be a good idea to avoid using too...

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Dyadic Interviews and Applications of Concepts

trust that came with the relationship between her and her ex boyfriend of a few months. Complementary vs Symmetrical needs can be problematic in IP relationships. I believe LD’s main attraction to her boyfriend was based on trust and possibly some physical. Her boyfriend, Eric applied to three of the four concepts of trust. The couple became dependent upon each other years before they started dating by relying on each other to hang out until the late hours of the night, even during school nights. ...

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Danaher Corporation Case Study

Whether it be market size, market growth potential, ales, operating margins, geographic mix, key customers, growth drivers and key brands. However if I was to weight each of these categories I would weight the following categories: Industry Attractiveness | Wts | Market Size | .4 | Market Growth | .3 | Margin | .3 | Competitive Position | Wts | Market Share | .5 | ROI | .3 | Brand | .2 | This is how Danaher Corporation should weight any company or organization that is currently...

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Beauty Through the Ages

gave women flexibility in their appearances and the fact that it wasn’t essential was the point I liked about the Renaissance Era. This is the period that I think is the best as it doesn’t give women too much pressure and stress about their physical attractiveness. Many women have died of anorexia in modern days due to the high expectations. Elizabethan Era (1558 – 1603) During the Elizabethan Era, women (and men) with pale complexion were considered as healthy and that they were in the upper class...

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essay celta skills assignment

The students will be asked to discuss the question in pairs or in groups of three. I will also remind students that there are no wrong answers at this stage. The resulting group discussions will have the students forming ideas about beauty and attractiveness and whether they are subjective or objective and will act as a transition into the subsequent reading task. This stage may also require a pre-teach vocab for the word “beholder”. If the students express confusion about the meaning of the phrase...

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Impact of Skinny Models on Eating Disorders and Women's Purchasing Behaviour

the body shape of contemporary models in advertisements has reduced since the 1950s. Over the past 15 years the media had represented a very thin body, which was found to be clinically underweight. They point out that "The particular set of physical characteristics perceived as beautiful and desirable is a social construct that can vary dramatically across cultures and across time within a culture." In the journal "in pursuit of identity" reference from Gordon 2000 states "the proliferation...

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The Bad New About Looking Too Good

of beauty. Way back in 1966, Dr. Elaine Hatfield, a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin, and her colleague Dr. Ellen Berscheid, studied dating preferences of college freshman who attended a dance with blind dates of varying degrees of attractiveness. After the dance, the researchers found, the attractive women tended to be asked out again, and the good-looking dates of both sexes were reported to be better-liked than the average or unattractive dates. Intelligence and social skills didn’t...

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Madonna Case

industry Madonna in? Madonna is in entertainment industry (music, filming, etc.). 3) What are KSFs in her industry • To be eye-catching (means the ability to be different from others) • Talent (voice, choreography) • Physical attractiveness • Personality • Creativity • Contacts 4) Does Madonna have a strategy? Madonna has a well- developed and implemented strategy, which demonstrate that she is a great entrepreneur. 5) If yes, what are the main elements...

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Old Spice Ad Analysis

sunset, then holding tickets to “that thing you love”. The tickets then turn into diamonds, and finally then ad ends with Mustafa sitting shirtless on a white stallion on a tropical beach. The commercial’s appeal to women relies not only on the attractiveness of the actor and the settings, but to the humor that is based on the idea that such a perfect man can exist at all. Conversely, not only do these commercials reach out to women, but also there are men in the target audience and there is a message...

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Constructing Feminine Form for Masculine Sake.

say that sex is at the heart of identity today? The answer is surely yes, and more so than ever before. (Gauntlett, 2008). Introduction. Consider the cover of the December 2011 edition of FHM (Fig. 1). It portrays a constructed ideal of female attractiveness. Aimed at the male market it conveys the attributes of female form deemed attractive to men. Has this identity been constructed by women or imposed upon by men? Butler (1999) suggests ‘the female body is marked within masculinist discourse’ ,...

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Power of Love,

relationships and then start making closer bonds with friends. Then there is association where we tend to express our opinions about other people and share our insights with others. We also share similarities and we sometimes associate that with attractiveness and likeness which is something two people share that can result in bonding between two people that share the same qualities. (Neimeyer & Mitchell, 1988) Then we simply tend to like those who like us back or are similar to what we are...

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The Science Of Sex Appeal

you have an older brother? 29. Has your previous or current partner shared similar… a. Religion b. Personality c. Wealth or Social Status d. Race e. Intelligence f. Political beliefs 30. Have you ever been influenced by your peers about the ‘attractiveness’ of a person? 31. Do you think people with different accents are more attractive? Is one accent ‘most’ attractive to you? 32. If you knew both your father and mother, did you incorporate information you learned from them when selecting a partner...

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Size Zero Models

above statement are considered ‘ideal’. Undoubtedly media’s representation of female figures has affected society as a whole, leading to women of every age group and mainly the younger generation trying to be size zero thus overlooking their physical, social and other limitations. Benjamin A Straight of The Two Finger Diet mentions in his book that “Mellican adds that that there has been pressure on women to conform to prevailing fashions and standards of beauty” (Straight, 2005, p. 36). The...

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hate crimes

 Critical Argument Analysis University of Phoenix Cassondra Capers ENG/215 September 14, 2013 Dr. Williams Critical Argument Analysis Americans have their own culturally determined sense of physical perfection, and they often go to extremes with diets, exercise, fashions, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to achieve a certain look. Body piercings or images show how men and women feel about themselves and or to tell a story. Life of body modification for men and woman gives them free...

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The Halo Effect

means the person that holds one of these positions is expected to dress and appear in a certain way. People’s perceptions of others can be greatly affected by the halo effect and the bias of attractive people as demonstrated by the article “Physical Attractiveness Bias In Hiring: What is beautiful good” by Comila Shahani-Denning and the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada. The halo effect in basic terms is attributing many positive qualities because of one or few good qualities notice in the person...

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