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Female Body Shape

Hundreds of young girls sit in front of mirrors pointing out all the things they do not like about themselves. Whether it is how far apart their eyes are or the shape of their bodies they find a flaw and they run with the idea that this small imperfection makes them less desirable. They cultivate unhealthy habits that can harms them physical and mental for the rest of their lives. The Media send unhealthy signals to young woman, fashion magazines create an unrealistic idea of beauty, promote...

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The "Ideal" Female Body

be considered beautiful or “perfect”. The topic of the “ideal” female body is really important to me because not only does it affect me and could potentially affect me as a model, it affects all women, and has been affecting women for thousands of years. Opinions on what the female body should look like have existed since men and women were first created thousands of years ago. People’s opinions on the “perfect” female body have evolved and changed more in the last few hundred years than in...

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Female Body Shape

Body image questionnaire- Community and Family Studies ------------------------------------------------- I am currently a year 12 student studying community and Family Studies. The information collected from this survey will only be used to complete my research  The way the media emphasises the ideal body image/weight of females affects young girls and their views on their body. This has a negative contribution to their well being and self-esteem 1. Age  14151617 | 2. Are you content with...

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Review of Science of Sex Appeal Documentary

when choosing a possible mate, it also explains the chemicals that are involved in both choosing a mate and maintaining a long term relationship with that mate. Attraction can stem from different physical features ranging from facial symmetry to body movement and even voice. Humans look for characteristics that they want to pass on to their offspring and signs of health as reflected by appearance. When it comes to the face, attractiveness has been attributed to symmetry and balance, as well...

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Ancient Greek Final Paper

Yosmery Perez Art History 11 3:00pm-5:50pm, Prof. Choi November 10, 2014 Ancient Greek Standing female figure wearing a strap and a necklace Period: Early–Middle Bronze Age Date: 3rd–2nd millennium B.C. Geography: Southwestern Arabia Culture: Greek Medium: Sandstone, quartzite Dimensions: H. 27 cm, W. 14.3 cm, D. 14.3 cm Classification: Stone-Sculpture Credit Line: Purchase, Fletcher, Louis V. Bell, and Rogers Funds, and The Tokyo Shimbun...

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Botticelli-Saville Comparitive Art Essay

woman sitting on a stool. Her artwork forces the viewer to think of the female nude as not only an object, but also as a subject. Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ also addresses the issues of beauty and gender. In the artwork, Venus appears to be emerging from the sea, standing in a shell. Symbolising female desirability, the Early Renaissance painting is in accordance to the myth of her ‘birth’ as a fully grown woman. The shape and form in Propped is clearly drastically distorted. Saville has used...

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body types and posture

BTEC Subsidiary award in Beauty Therapy Level 3 Task Sheet Describe the different body types. There are three main different body types there is the Ectomorph, Mesomorph and the Endomorph. Firstly, an Ectomorph body type is normally an individual with a small and delicate body frame and bone structure, with lean muscle and small joints they also tend to have small shoulders making them Thin. Ectomorphs also normally have a flat chest and find it hard to gain weight they have a fast metabolism...

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Azzedine Alaia: A History

The body conscious way of dressing was first championed by eighties’ fashion powerhouse Azzedine Alalia. A repertoire of looks electrifying high street fashion was prompted by Azzedine Alaia, in Figure 1 (thehoegoddess.com) , who was entitled the “King of Cling” in the 1980s by the fashion press. His designs were well known to be a spectacle of the female body. Alaia's clothes captured the spirit of the times when many women indulged in physical activities and fashion magazines began to showcase...

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Proud to Be a Woman

through the behavior, speech and descriptions of her. The authors addressed the story of creation differently through the use of alliteration, figurative language and symbol. “First Bone of a Woman,” describes in full detail the configuration of the female body as it is being constructed and focuses on the beauty and strength of her figure while “Afternoon in the Garden,” involves a complete and detailed version of the first woman’s day in the Garden of Eden and the meaningful discoveries she encounters...

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The Nude

across the ages (ezinearticles.com). Since the beginning of time, the male and female nude has been inspiring artists. The shapes and forms that make up the body naturally create beauty and sensuality. Even with the first caveman drawing, the human form was etched in artistic impression thus adding aesthetic features to their creations. While many artists choose the female body, men and women choose to see the nude body differently. Men choose to paint women so they are more appealing and pleasing...

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