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3.1 Explain how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage 3.1.1 Packaging
Elements| Competitive advantages|
Physical Protection28 gram package, reduction of 8gr per bottle | Reduce price per bottle, make more attractiveness for the product.| DistributionDirect to retailers| More convenient for customers.| SellingProvide ingredient in each bottle such as: Number of calories, % of carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals.| Customer understands about Gatorade ingredients and usefulness.| User convenienceGatorade is bottled in 6, 12 and 24 packs or single bottle.| Offering consumers wide range of choice for different buying purposes.| Government regulationGatorade bottles provide information about manufacture and expire date of the product.| Information is provided for consumer safety.|

3.1.2 Branding
3.1.2 a Brand leadership: We planned to develop Gatorade to become the leader in the sport drink industry in Vietnam * Attract more new customers and underpins beliefs of existing customer about the product.

3.1.2b Brand positioning

PepsiCo products are considered as the high quality products in Vietnam. Therefore, Gatorade under the PepsiCo brand name has more competitive advantage compare to domestic products.

3.1.4 Features, Advantages and Benefits( FAB)

GATORADE| Feature| Advantages| Benefits| Competitive Advantages| | G Original(bottle)| More Sodium Easier to preserve | PortableEasy to use| * Convenience for customer when carry with and use them * Economy * Time saving when use than others product| | G Powder| Less Carbohydrates| Not harm for stomachPortableEasy to makeEconomic| | | G Pouch| Lighter More Calories| Easier to carry and use.Recover more energy | |

3.1.5 Differentiation
3.1.5a Differentiation

Differentiations| Competitive Advantages|
make a real commitment to athletes about product quality| Make a nice image of product in customer mind| components contain many minerals and supplement more energy compared to other energy drinks| Higher quality than other competitors, meet more need of customer in recovering energy.|

3.1.5b Promotional message
“It is in Tiger, is it in you?” PepsiCo uses this slogan as a competitive advantage. By using image of Tiger Wood – one the most famous professional athletics in the world, PepsiCo affirms the high quality of Gatorade that has confidence in Tiger Wood. * Increase product reputation and attract more customers.

3.2 Distribution
3.2.1 B2C market
3.2.1a Distribution – 5 functions

| Distribution arrangement | Customer convenience|
Transport | Gatorade distributors are convenient location to transport | Reduce the time for buying and easier to reach Gatorade| Local knowledge| Retailers | Retailers are very close to customer. They understand very well about customer buying behavior so there are convenient for the customers.| Major promotional campaign | Having stamp to print the ingredient contents of Gatorade in Vietnamese| Easier for customers to get the information of Gatorade|

3.1.1 b 5 Rights
| Activities| Customer convenience |
Right Place| Sold it to supermarket and retailer over Vietnam| Create a distribution system over Vietnam => easier for customer to buy=> get more customer and more profit| Right Price| 15,000 VND for 500ml bottle| Cheaper 30% than PowerAde and 20% than Red Bull with the same size of bottle => meet the needs of Vietnamese customer for high quality and low price product| Right Time| Sell Gatorade during the year| Customer can buy every time in the year when they need use Gatorade|

Distribution channel: We sell Gatorade to customer through retailer. It help customer easier to buy our product because we cooperate with many retailer in Vietnam. Furthermore, selling Gatorade directly to retailer help us save more money so we can service customer in the best way with lower price and higher...
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