Marketing Plan of Gatorade

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Strategic Marketing Plan

Table of content

Executive summary2


Product presentation4

Company description4

Product description4

The environment7

PEST Analysis of Energy Drinks Industry7

Market Analysis10

Situation Analysis of Gatorade in the sports drinks industry10

Past Marketing Efforts analysis12


Target Market15

Marketing Plan18

Marketing objectives18

Marketing strategies18

Evaluation of the potential budget25

Marketing Budget25

Budget summary for one year26

Evaluation of the success of the plan and prospectives27





Executive summary

The aim of this Marketing Plan is to select several sports drinks of Gatorade (American company) and to study how we could introduce them in the French Market.

The first step is to study the external environment of Gatorade. We noticed that it is not easy to enter the energy drinks market in France as it could be in other countries, from the political and legal aspect. Moreover, the purchase of these product is not fundamental for most of the future consumers and the recent economic crisis could represents an important reduction of sports drinks’ sales. However, a positive aspect is that Gatorade is part of the American dream and the current trends reflect a specific demand for sports drinks.

To build this marketing plan we also analyzed the first launch of Gatorade in France in 1991 and its competitors like Powerade and Isostar who are already in the French market.

The segmentation study of the market lead us to define men and also women who practice sports from 18 to 40 years old as our target market. They could be professional or not.

In order to achieve our long term strategy, which is to become leader in the French market within three years, we established a commercial plan for the next year. An important point to take into account is that Gatorade is more than a energy drinks, it is a sports drinks. To emphasize the arrival of Gatorade in France, we will start with a direct distribution of the products in a Gatorade store in Paris then we will use the existent Pepsico’s channels of distribution for the indirect distribution. Since the demand for sports drinks is growing and Gatorade is offering products with an important added value for the customers, we will reflect it on our pricing policy. In fact, we will be 10% more expensive than our principal competitor Gatorade. In order to carry our message to the french sportsman, our communication plan will be composed by media and non media communication.


The rule number one of all sportsman is to drink. That’s why, the American Sports Drinks, Gatorade, who responds to the body’s needs of the athletes, belong to a growing market. These drinks, established by researchers, is a daily drinks of famous sportsman. Nowadays, Gatorade is available in Asia, South America and some countries in Europe. After several researches, we noticed that the French market could be an important opportunity of development for Gatorade. However, the company already thought at this expansion and Gatorade will arrive in France in January 2011. As we are not aware of the Gatorade’ strategy in France, we decided to continue our study.

In this marketing plan, we will study the launch of Gatorade products in France. Firstly, we will present the company and the various products with their characteristics. Then we will describe the French marketing environment with its political, economical, legal and cultural specificities. The analysis of the market, in terms of demand, targeted segments and competitors will be an important factor to launch the product. Finally, we will build our marketing mix, a previsional budget and try to evaluate the potential success of this plan?


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