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“Listening Skills are Important for Career Success, Organisational Effectiveness and Worker Satisfaction.” Listening skills are methods which enable a person to understand what another person is saying. Technology offers new ways such as e-mail to send and store messages voice communication, in person or by telephone, radio or television, is still the common way to transfer information from one person to another. Listening skills are important because it is part of communication. It plays an important role in all aspects of communication in particular workplace situations as resolving disputes, negotiating, influencing managing difficult people and performance reviews. Also it helps you to improve your human skills and to expand your social networks. In a business, internal communication required good listening skills for telephone and face-to-face conversation, voice-mail messages, briefings and meeting, In addition, it is also important to listen to the informal grapevine since, it plays a large role in the everyday functioning of a company. External communication requires listening for telephone and face-to-face conversations, interviews luncheons, meetings, conferences and speeches. Listening carefully to customers and clients is seen as good service. It is a good foundation of good customer relations and continuing customer’s satisfaction. There is, however, a relationship between effective listening and productivity in the workplace.

Studies show that good listeners were more likely to be promoted and that most of the supervisors had better listening skills that non supervisors. Therefore, listening is related to success at work. A listener holding a higher level position will be promoted more often than those with less developed listening ability. However, listening is different from just hearing. Hearing is a physical process of taking in sound and unless you are hearing impaired, hearing is an easy process whereas listening is more difficult, it is cognitive process requiring brain work. When you listen, you also try to understand and analyze the words that are coming out of the speaker's mouth. For example, if a company sends an employee off into a conference. Listening properly means absorbing what is being said, and connecting that with what is happening in your own company. Listening to others, really hearing and absorbing what they are saying, can be one of the best things especially when you are looking for employment. For example, if you currently lose your job by being a good listener can help with your job search. You may be consulted by others to discuss an employment situation in their office or work place that might be just the right job for you and you may be able to take advantage of the situation. Even if you are not looking for employment, by listening to others you may hear about current jobs where someone is looking for a person to fill a role. If you know someone who has the skills and experience you can make a suggestion to help a friend get the job.

As a good listener you can be aware of issues and relationship problems in the work-place and where things are going wrong which can give you an insight on how to go about changing things, and improving the work environment. Listening and understanding are great skills as it means you have something to offer a prospective employer and can even help you to move up the career track. By working on this skill of being a good listener, you are able to act more intuitively and understand where the other department managers may be struggling with their own resources, and it may mean that a better qualified manager is required to enable the section to function adequately. Owing to your listening and attention skills you may regard yourself as the most capable of all the department managers to run that particular department which could give you a chance to change your role and proceed towards a better career path. Being attentive and...
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