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Communicating Effectively Worksheet 
Answer the following questions, using information from this week’s readings. Respond to each question in 100 to 200 words.  
1.     Briefly explain the seven elements of the speech communication process. How do these elements determine a speech’s success or failure?  
I have learned that in order to give an better, or an effective speech we need to understand what goes on during the process of communication the seven elements are Sender (Speaker), Message, Channel, Receiver (Listener), Feedback, Interference and situation (environment). The “SENDER” starts the process with what he or she wants to speak about and this depends on knowledge of the subject, personal credibility, preparation and enthusiasm. The “MESSAGE” is what you are communicating to someone else. “CHANNEL” is the way the message is communicated. “RECIEVER” is the listener. “FEEDBACK” allows the sender to know if the message is being received. “INTERFERENCE” can be internal or external. You must try to keep you listener’s attention despite the interference. Last “SITUATION” is time, place and emotion where the communication takes place. The seven elements will determine the outcome of speech communication.  

2.     What is the difference between hearing and listening? What are some techniques you could employ to improve your listening skills?   
“Hearing” is the act of receiving sound by the ear. If you not hearing impaired, hearing just happens. “Listening” is something you choose to do. Listening requires concentration so your brain can process words and sentences. My Father always told my brothers and I “Most people tend to be “hard of listening” rather than “hard of hearing.” Some of the techniques that may improve better listening are, having the desire to listen. Focus on the message. Listen for main ideas, and understand the...
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