Lifespan Development

Topics: Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Scouting, Parent Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: June 16, 2005
Lifespan Development


Introduction to Psychology

Lifespan Development of Name
Going back forty-five years is not an easy task to complete because I can't remember some of the finer details of my childhood. I know I was born on a hot August afternoon in Birth Year at Place Of Birth in City ands State. My mother was just twenty-two at the time and was already the mother of two, I was her third child. My father was twenty-one and already a workaholic, I know because my mother would constantly remind me not to be like that. My mother and father were good parents and they tried to give us the best upbringing they could. My father was the kind of person that believed he should provide and protect his family, and he did a very good job of doing that. During my pre adolescent years, as best as I can recall, my mother was the driving influence behind my development. She is a good person and a mother with an iron will and a strict way, and I believe that she was one of my first role models. My father played a part in my development also. He instilled in me the morals and values that I have today and I thank him for that. Unfortunately my father passed away thirteen years ago before I had a chance to tell him that. My brother and sister were influences as well. I have always looked up to my older brother because he was so independent and free as we were growing up. He would always take time and play with me and teach me things, he was the person that actually taught me how to write my name in cursive the first time. My sister on the other hand was always picking on me and waiting for someone to give her something, she was very selfish and mean when we were kids. I think that the contrast between the two of them gave me a good balance of what I should and should not do. They both have good hearts and are fine people today. I believe that when people are developing morals you have to have enough...
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