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Over the years that I’ve been alive, I’ve had a lot of people influence me and how I live my life so obviously, it’s going to be hard to pick a single people to write about in this paper. I’ve had numerous family members, friends, schoolmates, teachers, and even college professors who have made an impact on the person that I am today. All of these people have had a major impact on my life somehow in some way and I believe they deserve credit where credit is due. Even if these people aren’t around me 24/7 like they used to be, they’ve still found a way to make an impact on me.

The first and probably most important people who had shaped me as a person are probably my parents. I know this just from being alive, and this statement is a true fact; no person is anything without their parents. Parents are supposed to raise and teach you how to be a good person and make the best decisions for yourself. And I’m pretty sure that’s what they did for me and a whole lot more. My parents have not only taught me how to be responsible but they always tell me the right from wrong and good from bad. Like most parents, they do their jobs very well. Not only that, but they have also taught me to want to be successful in life. My dad has had the most influence on me in this category. Mainly because I want a lot of money when I grow up and settle down with a family, I will always use my dad as a person to look up to. Not only because I want his job, really, really badly, but I also want his work ethic. I know my dad is a hard worker and I know that he has never really taken the “easy-way-out” approach to any task that he is attempting to complete. I know that he always works very hard on everything and that he will always help someone if they need it. All in all, I believe that my parents have had the biggest impact on my life for how they have raised me, how I learned to look at life. My parents have, in short, made me who I am today.

Along with my parents, I have other close...
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