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AS Level Geography

Student/Teacher Handbook

A Guide to Unit 2 (GEOG2) - Geographical Skills- Question 2

GEOG2 will examine the use and application of Geographical Skills, which should be taught as an integral part of the compulsory Core and Optional topics. Question 1 will be set on one of the two compulsory core sections of Unit 1 (Population Change and Rivers, Flooding and Management). Question 2 will relate specifically to the candidates’ own fieldwork and investigative research skills.

This guide ONLY deals with AQA past paper questions for Question 2. Each question is sourced so that it can be cross-referenced to the relevant AQA mark schemes available on the AQA website.

This section of the paper looks at and examines the individual fieldwork that you have undertaken during the course. For us, this is the Burbage river fieldwork carried out in Autumn, before the Lake District residential. Question 2 will always start with something like the following: For any Geography Fieldwork study that you have undertaken (either physical or human)……


Aims, Objectives and Hypotheses
……briefly outline its aim and one hypothesis you sought to test (4) (Specimen AQA- New GCE AS Level, Autumn 2008)

……outline the aim(s) of your enquiry and state one hypothesis, research question, issue or problem you investigated (4) (Additional Specimen AQA- New GCE AS Level, Autumn 2008)
……state its aim and one hypothesis that was tested (3)
(AS Level AQA GGA3, June 2008)

……outline the aim of the study, state the study area and why it was a suitable location for your study (3) (AS Level AQA GGA3, June 2007)

……briefly outline the aim of the study (2)
(AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2007)

……state its aim and the idea/ concept/ theory/model that underpins the aim (3) (AS Level AQA GGA3, June 2006)

……briefly outline its aim (2)
(AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2006)

……briefly outline its aim and one hypothesis you sought to test. (3) AS Level AQA GGA3, June 2005)

……briefly outline the purpose of the study (2)
(AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2005
……state the purpose of the study and identify the area studied and give a reason for the selection of this location.(4) ……outline the aim, one objective and the theory/ concepts that provided the idea for the study (4) (AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2003)

……Give the title and briefly outline its purpose (2)
(AS Level AQA GGA3, June 2002)

……Give the title and state one factor that you considered important when selecting the study area. Say why this factor was important. (6) Pre- Visits and Risk Assessments
Before visiting an area for fieldwork, a risk assessment must be completed.

......Outline the risks associated with carrying out your fieldwork and assess the effectiveness of strategies used to minimise the risks (5) (Specimen AQA- New GCE AS Level, Autumn 2008)

……State one risk to your safety in conducting the enquiry and one way in which you tried to minimise the risk (3) (A Level AQA GGA7, June 2007)

……State one health and safety concern related to the data collection, describe briefly how it was minimised and briefly outline how the item of primary data was collected. (6) (AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2006)

……Incorporate in your answer (to data collection) an awareness of the risks to your safety and how you would minimise these (6) (A Level AQA GGA7, January 2005)

……Outline one risk associated with the collection of your primary data and show how this risk was minimised (4) (AS Level AQA GGA3, January 2003)

……State two potential dangers/risks/hazards with your data collection and outline the steps that you would take to minimise them (6) (A Level AQA GGA7 June 2002)

Data Collection/ Methodology

….For one item of primary data you collected for the study describe the method of data collection. (5) (Specimen...
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