Impact on My Behaviour

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Impact on My Behaviour

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Impact on My Behaviour

Being an adult of 25 years, my behaviour has been constantly altered and modified primarily depending upon the immediate environment in which I had been fostered, my upbringing and the company of friends I kept. I would here like to classify the impact by dividing into two different domains which are: * Family

* Friends
* Institutions
* Nation

Being from a defence background, the professional environment in which my father served and its strong traditional cultural and value system had a profound influence upon me. I had the good fortune of being raised amongst the environs of Indian Army which offer a highly unique experience to its officers as well as their families because there is always a high probability of staying in a cantonment area which is usually cut off from civilian areas and the usual hustle bustle of the city. I grew up in highly spic and span environment, marked by highly neat and clean surroundings which I later found out to my amazement are a privilege as well as a rarity in our country. I idolised my father from a very young age and though at that time during my initial growing up years I was guilty of taking things for granted but when I look back with amazement the kind of respect that people have for each other whether it is between officers or between officers and their subordinates in an organisation like the Indian Army. It also helped inculcate in myself a very strong sense of discipline from a very young age which I try to follow assiduously even today. My mother has also made a big impact on my behaviour as she was the guiding force who though never forced a particular kind behaviour on me but whenever I committed anything wrong always corrected me and taught me the right path to act...
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