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Family Explorations Debbie K. Amons COUN5252 Introspective & Growth Sem.

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Hamilton, Illinois 62341
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Instructor: Linda Reed

FAMILY EXPLORTATION My Family history consist of my father’s side of the family immigrated to the United States from Ireland and my father and his siblings were raised in an environment where the men were the head of the household and made all of the decisions and the family was very close and played an important part in each other’s lives. My father’s family was very well off so my father was able to attend college and enjoy life and the things that life had to offer. My mother’s history consists of my mother’s family come from Germany and settled down in the Midwest. Her family was farmers and raised crops and livestock. My mother’s parents died when she was very young, so she was raised by her older brothers and sisters. At a young age my mother had to go to work to support herself and she worked most of her adult life. My father and mother were raised in very different family environments and how they were raised when they were growing up played a very important role in how my parents raised my sisters and me as we were growing up. My father did not ever have to want for anything as he was growing up and was given whatever he wanted by his parents and did not have to worry about how he was going to pay for it. On the other hand my mother had to basically raise herself and that meant that she had to work for what she wanted and if she could not afford it, she could not buy it. Family Dynamics I grew up in a small town in the Iowa. I am the oldest sibling of four girls. My father worked in a factory for the first 16 years of my life and my mother stayed home, though she did sell Avon from home. My grandparents played a very big role in my life growing up, especially my grandfather. When my grandfather retired we would go to his house all the time, I loved my grandfather very much, I also loved my grandmother very much but I spent a lot of time with my grandfather as he was retired and my grandmother still worked. My grandfather would come and get my sisters and I and take us to his house and we loved going to my grandparent’s house as we were able to play in my grandparents big yard and ride our ponies. I remember when my sisters were born my grandfather helped my mother very much by washing clothes for her and bringing meals to our house. My grandparents played a very important role in my life. When my grandfather died unexpectedly I was devastated. I still miss him to this day and I try to model myself after him in being the best grandparent I can me for my grandchildren by spending as much time with them and loving them and treating them equally just as my grandparents did with my sisters and I . I can remember most of my childhood my parents fighting and arguing over almost everything. We could not go on a vacation until my parents had an argument. They would scream and yell at each other for a couple of hours and after they would get through arguing we would leave on our vacation. My father had a very bad temper that he could not control at times and both my father and mother would make statements such as “I will just kill myself and then no one has to worry about it.” My father and my mother were both verbally abusive at time to my sister and me at times. They would be little us in front of our friends also. This became worse after my...
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